Why I Oppose N.C House Bill 41 by Jason Wunsch Dem. Candidate N.C House Dist. 37

As the Democratic Candidate for N.C House District 37, I am opposed to North Carolina House Bill 41. This bill, co sponsored by my opponent Paul Stam, offers a $2500.00 tax credit to families who switch their children from public to private school. I have several objections to this Bill as written. First, private schools are expensive and although tax credits are given, the reality is that parents still have to be able to afford tuition. The benefit that this Bill offers will not extend to low income families who would also like the privilege of sending their children to private school. The Bill allows parents who make a combined income under $100,000 to use this tax credit. This will encourage families to have their children leave the public school system, taking away stay at home parents who often have the time and means to volunteer at their children's public schools. Many private schools will also not offer children the transportation, reduced lunch cost and affordable extracurricular activities, that public schools can provide. Thus, we have a Bill that will cater to those who can afford to leave the public school system.

Second, I believe our legislature's focus should be on building our public school system. Providing a means of "flight" is not putting our State's priority on improving public education. A counter argument is that by creating competition, it will in turn improve our public school system. However, the reality is that the competition will be between the "haves" and "have nots" (children whose parents can afford private education and those that cannot). I would not want public schools to be viewed as the second rate alternative for those whom the state could not help to receive a private education.

Finally there are questions regarding what accountability these private schools will have and whether the savings to taxpayers would be as great as stated, due to the fixed costs that public schools will have regardless of the amount of students that they lose. I would urge the legislature to not pass this Bill as it is not in the best interest of many of the children in our state.


Very well written Jason. This

Very well written Jason. This is just one reason the voters of your district need you in office. Our public schools are holding our states greatest assets: our children. We must work to provide quality education for all children for the betterment of their future and our own.


It doesn't cater only to families who can afford to send their children to private school. What about parents who want to homeschool? Those would more than likely be one income families who would be paying taxes into a system they don't use AND paying for homeschool materials. It isn't about a means of "flight" from government-run public schools. It is the right to choose the best option for your own children. I would personally choose homeschooling with or without the credit but it would be nice to put my own money where I want to use it and not be forced to pay into the public schools. Want better public schools? Start giving merit based pay or some reward for the few great teachers that the crazy legislation is running out of the classrooms. Get rid of last in first out and start firing poor teachers!!!

Research is mostly negative on voucher programs

as far as outcomes for students are concerned. This is just state subsidized segregation.

" ... start firing poor teachers!!!"

How about government getting their hands out of our pockets and give us our experience pay step up. Then teachers wouldn't be quite so "poor". How about we show up at your work place and give your customers a messed up standardized test to see if they have been served adequately by you. Your pay and even your job depend on it. The we can have the state pass legislation that gives your customers a financial incentive for switching to one of your competitors. Oh, and by the way, your supply budget will be slashed and your pay frozen for 4 years while your boss effectively lowers your pay 3 times.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?