Why I oppose more tax cuts

The belief that cutting taxes is will lead to economic growth is just that, a belief. There is not a shred of evidence to support it.

I am against tax cuts because historical economic data shows that tax cuts in the United States consistently result in economic decline. Since 1990, our strongest periods of economic growth have followed tax increases.


You don't have to be a genius

To figure out that tax cuts do not produce economic growth. You just have to open your freakin' eyes.

Speaking of not being a genius

McCrory says governors of surrounding states are making aggressive moves while North Carolina is stagnating. He advocates cutting taxes and regulation to spur economic growth.

It doesn't work, McCrory. It doesn't freakin' work. Not now. Not ever. Despite all your shortcomings, we at least thought you weren't an ignorant tea bagger. Get your head out of your ass.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/09/15/3533668/is-north-carolina-losing-its-once.html#storylink...

Hmm. But what do North Carolinians want?

Either a lot of folks don't know what McCrory's plans are, or they do and they like it, according to this snippet from Public Policy Polling.....

"McCrory leads thanks to strong support from independent voters and his crossover appeal to Democrats. With independents he holds a 20 point lead, 48-28. He's also taking 19% of the Democratic vote, compared to only 10% of Republicans going for Dalton."

What I don't understand is where that 19% of Democrats are coming from. But Independents are the fastest growing part of the electorate and that's what is going to bury Dalton if he doesn't offer up some bold and appealing fare to these people. When the NC BOE really updated their voter registration numbers, Indies had jumped some 300,000 since the 2010 elections.

No one knows what McCrory's plans are

He's running the most secretive campaign in NC history ... and he's running against Bev Perdue, not Walter Dalton.

In the meantime, McCrory will play it safe and keep his lips zipped. He's betting he can get away with pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and he's probably right. From my experience, North Carolina voters are generally uninformed and mindless in their choices.

Dalton's only hope is an impressive GOTV effort by the Obama campaign.