Why I hate politics

Thom Tillis is laughing his ass off already.

The potential for a Democratic primary in May between two old political allies is already fraying a friendship that reaches back decades. Miller has begun questioning whether Price is too cozy with corporations, and the Price camp has leaked a poll raising doubts about Miller's support.


Sometimes you have to vote for things you don't support

It is sad and infuriating to see Republicans succeed in pitting Democrats against each other.

Not surprisingly, Christensen's article itself seems designed to stir up animosity. What does it mean to 'leak' poll results, for example?

More surprising to me is that fact that Miller seems to play along with Christensen, saying, for example, that Price voted to extend the Bush tax cuts, implying that Price supports their continuation. He doesn't support them any more than Obama does, but voted to extend them when Republicans used unemployment benefits to blackmail Democrats. I guess Miller is okay with letting unemployment benefits expire. This makes him more progressive than Price?

I suppose that Miller's disingenuousness is due to the "leaked" poll's being correct.

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