Why I chose to become a county chair

I became the County chair in Gaston a little over a year ago. There was so much excitement in the air that you could feel it. People came out of the woodwork to vote and to be involved and the optimism of the local and state Democratic Party was beginning to emerge after a wake-up call in the 2010 elections.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 12th, and the scene was very different. The SEC Meeting which I attended did not demonstrate the reasons why I ran for and accepted the office of a County Chair.

Regardless of the opposing views of our Chairman, David parker, the actions and words of some, aimed at blaming our council of state and Democratic candidates for dividing the party were utterly ridiculous.

It is our job as Democrats, as the grass roots, as activists to work for and elect Democratic candidates. Without them there is no party and no reason for us to assemble.

It becomes problematic to try and point the finger at those who need our help, our donations and our encouragement(as candidates) in order to defeat the real enemy which is the do nothing, social agenda driven Republicans.

Somewhere along the way we forgot that our main focus and priority is to elect Democrats, not to put personal feelings, pride or ambition before the above stated mission.

If we fail to turn this current frame of mind around we are looking not only at a repeat of 2010, but a much larger landslide of Democratic influence and public trust.

The SEC meeting should not have been about blame or pointing the finger, but should have been about accountability and selflessness. Above all else the integrity and strength of the State party should have been key, not a forced smoke and mirrors blame game on our Council of State candidates.

I for one as a County Chair accepted my position to promote and assist Democrats on the local, state and national level in being elected to public office. It is that simple folks. We are here to elect Democrats and to further shape public policy through their representation in government. All other goals, ideals and points of contention come in a distant second and third.

Saturday is in the past. Today we must pick up the pieces and move forward. Regardless of where one stood on Saturday we all stand together as Democrats today. We cannot afford to waiver any longer. There are candidates to promote, funds to be raised, an electorate to reach and votes to be cast.

That is why I was elected Chair of Gaston County and that is what I will do. The candidates are the reason for my position and as long as I am in office, they will be promoted and respected by me and by the good folks in Gaston County.


If Democrats do turn things around

it will be exactly because of good people like you who are focused on what matters most. Frontpaged with the hope that some of the leaders will be inspired by your well-chosen words.

Excellent points Robert!

You bring sanity to a pretty insane part of the state--my old home county!

Well put, sir.


"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire