Why I Can't Wait Until July 1st

On July 1st Brad Miller will make a decision on whether or not to run for Senate.

There is a good chance that if you are reading this then you know I have been working towards a Brad Miller vs Liddy Dole race since January. In that time over $3000 has been donated from 65 different people.

In November of 06 we started talking about who could beat Dole. Then in January we started drafting Brad.

On April 12th Brad announced that he was thinking about running, and on that day a poll was taken that showed Brad was down to Dole 44 to 33.

Since then it has largely been a waiting game for us, but Brad has been very busy.

Since becoming a member of the majority, Brad has been working incredibly hard on our behalf. He has made local, national and international headlines with his work in the US House.

A few days ago he announced that he would make a final decision by July 1st.

I do not know what Brad will decide on that day. Some think he will, others think he wont. Some are begging him to run, others think his reluctance hurt his chances. But, I do know that no matter what it will be good for the future of our country.

Brad has been an amazing Congressman. Although I say that Larry Kissell is my Congressman, and I live in Bob Etheridge's district, in my opinion Brad is one of the best people we have in the United States House. He has been a leading voice on sub-prime lending. He has been working hard in his position as Chair of the Subcommittee on Science (with subpoena power) to protect the government from Dubya and his appointees.

Brad's record in Congress is why I initially wanted him to run for Senate. But, it is also why I wont be too upset if he stays in the House. We need Brad Miller in Washington for as long as possible. I hope he runs for Senate, but if he doesnt I will just hope that he continues doing what he has been doing.

But, I said that July 1 would be a great day no matter what, and Brad is only part of the equation. There is another person that I want to introduce you to that you will hopefully be getting to know. (a hint: BlueNC readers are already familiar with this name)

We have two scenarios that will lead to a strong Progressive beating Elizabeth Dole. Either Brad will say yes, and this person will run for Brad's seat, or Brad will continue his fight in the house, and this person will (hopefully) be convinced to challenge Dole. This person I am referring to is Grier Martin.

Grier is the son of DG Martin, a former statewide candidate. Grier is currently a member of the North Carolina House. He spent time as a lawyer, living in both Charlotte and Raleigh. A member of the Army reserves, after 9/11 he volunteered for active duty, and was sent to Afghanistan, where he spent something like 6 or 9 months (Im not sure). In 2004 he ran for State House, beating a well financed Republican incumbent in a Lean Republican district.

Grier is best described as a moderate progressive mix, but he has taken some bold stands on issues such as giving workers the right to collectively bargain, helping to lead efforts on Renewable Energy, and working on issues necessary for helping our service men and women.

Grier would be a great person to send to Washington in 2008. And, on July 1st we will find out what the election in November 2008 will look like.

Our best case scenario is Brad Miller running against Elizabeth Dole, and Grier Martin running for US House. But, if that doesnt happen, the state (and the country) will be well served by two men who have the right ideas, and an amazing work ethic.

You can find links explaining all of the time line events and more on Brad Miller at Draft Brad Miller.org You can also read about Grier Martin at his website, or you can read this article from 2004, or you can read this liveblog from BlueNC.


That's exactly how I'm looking at it.

We are all in the happy situation of "no lose." Brad in the House or the Senate. Grier in the House or the Senate. It's all good.

And for the record, either of them could take out Liddy. Brad's record in Congress is exemplary. And to the extent that 08 is another referendum on the war, Grier would run circles around Dole. He's a major in the Army Reserves and he served on the ground in Afghanistan.

I think we should name you the chair

Of the DNC, the DCCC, DSCC, NCDP---all of them.

I love your taste in candidates, with the exception of Edwards (more of a like thing now), whom I once supported, so I can't say too much!

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.

haha thanks

Well hopefully Clinton will lose and either you will come around to my view before the general or I will come around to yours.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Blue South in charge of everything?

That would absolutely rock.

Watch out, Blue South. We might just start a draft YOU campaign.

I hate them too.

Maybe we can have Convention Parties instead?