Why I Am Running

I am a pediatric allergist and a mother of three and have been active in public health and environmental causes in the Greensboro community for over fifteen years. I knew I was going to be in for an uphill battle as a first-time candidate challenging a well-heeled, multi-term incumbent for a seat in Congress. But the more I get out and talk to people, the more I feel the winds of change blowing, and the more encouraged I feel about my campaign and the future of our country. Whether I win or not, this run will have enriched my sense of what it means to serve my community. But if I am elected, I promise to take these lessons, along with the knowledge I have gained through my career and previous community involvement, to Washington. I will thoroughly examine both sides of every issue and take a balanced, thoughtful approach to every decision I make, as I have always done.

At the heart of my decision to run are children, both my own and the hundreds I have treated and worked with over the years. Not only have I dedicated my career to diagnosing and treating children’s allergies but I have given my time and expertise to public and nonprofit efforts to promote kids’ health.  I still work at Guilford Child Health twice a week, even while campaigning.  As a member of Congress, supporting a top-notch public school system and providing health care for all kids (and adults as well) through industrywide cost savings and incentives to employers will be two of my top priorities.

Another priority of mine will be to begin to end our dependence on oil, which is eroding our national security and threatening the stability of the climate on which we all depend, and redirect America’s innovative and entrepreneurial energy towards producing cheap and abundant energy from non-polluting renewable sources and making every home, business, school, church, factory, warehouse and public building energy efficient. Ramping up federal investment in these key areas will cause new industries to flourish, developing clean, renewable energy sources and generating new technologies and techniques to help people get the most bang for their energy buck. These industries will put North Carolinians back to work on the project of of our time: building a secure and prosperous America for the new century.

I know first-hand that people in my district are clamoring for such forward-thinking leadership, yet the man who has represented my district since 1985 doesn’t seem to get it. He staunchly opposes reauthorizing the S-CHIP children’s health insurance program, as well as many other measures that would benefit public health, education and safety. He has also voted against nearly every major piece of legislation that invests in renewables and energy efficiency. You can rest assured that, if elected, I will give my constituents the personal services they have come to expect as well as a voting record they can be proud of.

Even if you do not live in the Sixth District, I hope you will support my campaign. The best thing you can do is talk to people you know who live in the Sixth District and tell them about my background and my plan for a new direction. You can also make a contribution. To do that, or to find out more about me and what I stand for, please visit my Website. Together, we will take back North Carolina on November 4th!


Teresa Sue Bratton, MD


Would that such sanity

were revered by today's voters. We can only hope.


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Some voters outside the Guilford County Courthouse on Tuesday said they thought Coble, first elected in 1985, would be nearly impossible to beat.

"He’s the 'Congressman for Life’" said Pat Michaels, 43, of Greensboro. "Trying to beat him is going to be like slaying a dragon."

Let the slaying begin!

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