Why having a great State Auditor matters

It's wonderful to have a dedicated public servant focused on doing the people's business instead of a shameless political hack focused on promoting his own ego.

Kudos to Beth Wood for just saying "no."

That’s the response from the general counsel for State Auditor Beth Wood in answer to a “cease-and-desist” letter handed Wood on Wednesday as she was about to discuss an Alcohol Law Enforcement report with a legislative committee.

The letter, signed by two attorneys for ALE Director John Ledford, demanded Wood stop disseminating the investigative report, which said Ledford and Deputy Director Allen Page misused their state cars, and that division officials obstructed an auditor’s access to records and personnel. In June, the report was publicly released, as the auditor’s office typically does.


A commenter at the N&O

suggested that ALE itself should be shut down. I couldn't agree more. The entire bureaucracy related to alcohol in North Carolina is ludicrous.

IMO, the government in North Carolina has no legitimate reason for being in the liquor business ... or the gambling business for that matter.