Why Graham County Need's Mickey Anderson!

Why ,regardless of the fact that you may be a Democrat or Republican does Mickey Anderson need to be your Sheriff? Well, lets look at the situation shall we? First and foremost, Mickey is running against Republican Russell Moody currently employed for Graham Co. EMS.

Now lets review some facts of life and reality in this situation and see who you would want. Mickey Anderson has, and I can personally vouch for this as I have worked right beside him almost 30 years
Experience in Law Enforcement.

His opponent, Moody has, zero, none. All he is banking on is the fact that he is presently serving as Graham Co. Cornier. I guess the funeral home got tired of pronouncing folks dead. Of course to the trained eye it is not all that hard to do.

Mickey has worked from police to Sheriff & beyond, Has his opponent? Nope! Mickey is trained in Basic & Advanced Law Enforcement and Jail procedure. Is Moody? NOPE!

See it wasn’t hard to figure, and as I was told the other day Moody plans to run the Department from a administrator position like they do in Los Angeles . Well in our small mountain counties a sheriff must be as highly trained as the men he employees. He must know constitution law and state law before he has any right to order a deputy to do something!

Of course, I am writing this article, I KNOW how I will vote!! My job here is to simply show you the facts so you can make a informed decision! It is pretty clear cut here, DO YOU the citizen want a Sheriff that knows how and will protect you or do you want someone who will have to guess? It’s your choice!