Why Don't You Gals Have Some Cookies?

Apparently some consultant told DAG McCrony that he wasn't showing enough "human side", so he offered a plate of cookies to the people who have been protesting all day yesterday and today against his LYING SACK OF EXCREMENT pledge to restrict abortion rights after promising he'd do no such thing. No, I'm not making this up.

Liar Pat actually had the nerve to come out of the Governor's MANSION (with only FOUR security guards!!) and attempt to have God bless one of the women who was protesting.

McCrory's gesture was — considering his decision to sign the bill Monday — seen as a bit condescending by those present, who came up with an off-the-cuff chant: "Hey Pat, that was rude. You wouldn't give cookies to a dude."

Sohn said she saw McCrory on Monday, as well, after he signed Senate Bill 353, the abortion bill, into law. She said he came out onto the mansion balcony and waved, while the women and men holding the 12-hour vigil shouted “shame” and “liar.”

Condescending liar indeed. Not to mention a Richard Noggin.

Stop, Drop and Roll, Pat, your PANTS ARE ON FIRE! And whoever your PR person is, you need to fire them.

P.S. Yes, they gave the cookies back (with more class than I would have...I would have...er..."processed" the cookies before returning them to Lying DAG McCrony).



McCrory looks so awkward in these staged events. He reminds me of GW Bush or Dukakis trying to do photo ops. Almost painful.

Someone needs to get a bunch of t-shirts printed up and wear them to the next protest:

"I lost my abortion rights

[photo of a cookie]

and all I got was this stale cookie."

Excellent Point...

He appears to be as comfortable in everyday situations, mingling with people who want him to listen to them, as, say, Mitt Romney (I expect that's not the only similarity between the two).

I imagine (and it's not that much of a stretch) that as McCrony presented the cookies to the protester, he said something like, "Here, sweetie, the little woman baked these up. Can ya get me a coffee, darlin'?"

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014