Why Do They Lie?

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It's become abundantly clear that the Art Pope machine in The Old Backward State can get away with anything it wants. The level of extremism in North Carolina is almost without precedent.

As their scorched-earth policies steamroll ahead unfettered, as they stomp on people they don't care about, and as they literally do whatever they wish, unconstrained by anything including the state and federal constitutions, it occurs to us:

Why do they lie?

Why don't they simply tell the truth about why they're passing these extreme laws? Why do they feel the need to lie? Is it simply habitual? Do they think they're fooling people? Is it an attempt to assuage their consciences?

Why do they lie?

For example:

  • Why do they claim that their near-elimination of abortions is to promote women's health? Everyone knows that's a lie and the real reason is that they want to force their personal beliefs on all women in The Old Backward State (OK, maybe there are a few people who have convinced themselves that this is about women's health, but nearly every sentient being knows they're lying).
  • Why do they insist that their actions to ensure that every person, regardless of qualifications, can get a gun and take it anywhere they want, including kindergarten playgrounds and booze houses, are about protecting the populace? Everyone knows that's a lie and the real reason is that they are promoting gun sellers who donate to their campaigns (OK, perhaps there are a few twisted individuals who are so NRA-brainwashed that they have convinced themselves that this is about their Second Amendment rights, but anyone with the most basic critical thinking skills knows that's a lie).
  • Why do they pretend that their Voter Suppression law is to prevent voter fraud? Everyone knows that's a lie and that actual voter fraud in North Carolina is virtually non-existent and that the real reason is that they want to do everything they can to ensure that they stay in power and that Thom Tillis wins the US Senate race, and so they've come up with a list of unconstitutional ways to try to keep young people, poor people and minorities from voting (OK, in this case we'll grant that there are quite a few people who are gullible enough to believe that voter fraud is a real issue and that this bill is about requiring people to show a photo ID that will be really easy to obtain. Those gullible, clueless people have no idea what is in this bill. Those gullible, clueless people include Guvnor Pat).

Again, why do they lie? Why not come right out and say that they don't give a shit about Roe v. Wade and the law of the land and they just don't want to allow women to have abortions? Why don't they just admit that the NRA is pulling their strings and they like the money that flows more than they care about how many people get shot? Why not just come clean that the Voter Suppression bill is designed to make it so difficult and painful for many Democrats to vote that they'll just give up, thus helping the wing nuts to maintain or increase their power?

Why Do They Lie?

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Because they can

I've had many discussions about this ... and the consensus always seems to be, "They lie because they can."

Which means that all their happy talk about integrity in government is absolute bullshit. When a person's word doesn't mean anything, not much else matters.

I Think You're Right...

...and I also subscribe to the "habitual" theory as at least a partial explanation. People like Berger, Tillis, Stam and others have been repeating their lies for so long it's become habit. In a few cases, I think that some of them have actually convinced themselves to believe some of the lies.

But in the vast majority of cases, I believe they are quite aware that they're lying, and they simply don't care. They think the ends justify the means, and they'll do most anything to get their way. They've completely lost sight of what their job is supposed to be. It's now all about rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014