Why did Mercedes dump NC in favor of Atlanta?

Another swing and a miss by Team McCrory has everyone wondering WTF happened? I like this explanation from the Charlotte Observer:

North Carolina used to have something like that California approach to economic development. We didn't sweat the bidding wars. We invested in schools and universities to make them among the strongest in the region. We developed a reputation, as the New York Times put it in a 2013 editorial, "as a beacon of farsightedness in the South." Despite a legacy of not offering the biggest pots of money to relocating corporations, we still ranked at or near the top of business climate and job creation lists for much of the past two decades.

That reputation we used to have was well-deserved, built over decades of investment and vision. It took Republicans less than two years to trash everything.



Easy access to MARTA was one of their primary considerations

According to Mercedes itself:

The person said Mercedes is interested in having large signage along a major freeway, potentially either Ga. 400 or I-285, and having easy access to MARTA.


I guess they must have found themselves underwhelmed by NC's commitment to transit/rail.

Hmm… another way in which

Hmm… another way in which rail transit benefits a community.

Infrastructure triumphs.

Infrastructure triumphs.