Why can't they tell the truth?

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Anyone who has been around BlueNC for any time at all knows I hate the so-called North Carolina Education Lottery. I hate everything about it, but mostly I hate the fact that our elected officials have seen fit to bet the future of public education on their ability to coax mostly poor people into gambling.

So my natural instinct is to be sympathetic to people who want to stop the lottery in its tracks by suing the state for not following proper procedures when the monstrosity was approved. But the more I read about these people, the more disgusted I become.

According to the N&O, the plaintiffs in the case include Paul Stam, the Wake County Taxpayers Association and the N.C. Family Policy Council. These folks were against the lottery in the first place, and they've been looking for an angle to stop it ever since.

So why to they have to lie about what they're doing now?

They say their goal is not to end it -- but to make sure its passage followed the state constitution.

Pardon my French, but that's a load of crap. Their goal is to end the lottery, pure and simple, and it is an admirable goal. Too bad their strategy hinges on the NC Court of Appeals magically divining what the meaning of "tax" is. You see, Republicans think everything on the planet is a tax. Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax, tax. They're just like Old MacDonald, which means they have no credibility in any way when it comes to making the case that the lottery is a tax in the legal sense of the word.

And then there's this lie:

Stam said the lawsuit is one reason Republicans haven't tried this year to repeal the lottery.

If Stam and the anti-lottery forces thought they had a snowball's chance in hell of fighting the lottery in the legislature, they would have done it on day one. And they should have tried.

Instead they lie. About everything.

Just to be clear, I'd work with any Republican who wanted to fight the lottery straight up - or even if they wanted to go after it on a technicality. But I'm not going to collaborate with people who can't tell the difference between political spin and flat-out lying. Not in this lifetime.