Why bother pretending?

In the most recent tiding of our backslide to oligarchy, it has been revealed that some politicians are dealing with the ever-mounting cost of running political campaigns by augmenting their war chest with their own vast fortunes. As more and more self-financed candidates crop up in numerous elections, the fragile illusion that any citizen with the will to represent their peers and enough popular support can win office is in danger of being shattered. Without some measure of reaction to restore our democracy, there is little that can be done to protect us from the formation of a ruling class. If we truly live in a democracy, then the opportunity to run for office should be available to anyone. If we do not, and an oligarchy has formed around us, then I'd at least appreciate a little honesty.


It does seems as though we've slipped past a point

of no return. Citizens United only serves to deepen the worry. This new political "marketplace" is a wet dream for those born to the manor.

I still feel that a unified Democratic jugernaught....

...can overcome the might of both special interest money and personal fortunes. We just can't let the candidates run the political parties because of the conflict of interest.

I can't tell you how silly some of these kids sound when they tell you that someone ought to be party chair because they've run for elected office and so they know how to win races. The illogical thing is that the person they are supporting for party leadership usually didn't win their last run for office.

Perhaps the folks they are talking to don't have the critical thinking skills needed to see through that BS. Or they have the good manners not to call "BS" on them....

Glad to say I have lots of the former and damn little of the latter!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting