Why BlueNC readers should get behind Patsy Keever.

Patsy Keever remembers your name. She listens and recalls details of your life. It’s uncanny – one of the first things that tells you that Patsy is in this for you, not for her.

Maybe it’s the decades of teaching public school or her three terms on the Buncombe County Commission. Maybe it’s just Patsy.

She greets volunteers and, with a touch on the shoulder, thanks them for being there. They come back because it’s fun. During her last race, Monday night was Quizzo with volunteers and staff.

Patsy attracted close to a thousand volunteers from the full spectrum of the community during what the New York Times called her “vigorous challenge (http://bit.ly/72tOjo)” to Congressman “Chainsaw Charlie” Taylor in 2004. A tourist from California wandered into her headquarters around lunch one day, just to see what was going on.

“This is a Senate race?” he asked, after looking around at the roomful of volunteers.

“It’s a House race,” the greeter corrected him.

“Huh?” the Californian exclaimed. “It looks like a Senate race.”

That’s Patsy Keever. She draws a crowd. People want to work with the toughest campaigner in the region and someone they can call friend. Now Patsy is running for the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 115.

From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina faces challenges that won’t be solved by the same old, same old.

There is plenty to do. Our mountains are threatened by steep slope development. Our public schools face serious budget issues. Health care (including mental health care) must be affordable and accessible to all North Carolinians. Creating high-quality, sustainable jobs is critical if working people are to save for their children’s education and their own retirement.

Development must serve more than developers. It should serve the people.

Patsy Keever. Putting People First.



She's challenging an incumbent Democrat ... what's that about? Is it because he misspelled "environment" on his home page? Talk about Freudian slips.

If Keever's the progressive Democrat in a House primary, I'm sure lots of BlueNC readers will care about her candidacy. I certainly will.

Yes James, Rep. Goforth's

Yes James, Rep. Goforth's lack attention he has given the environment was one of the initial reasons Patsy Keever decided to join the race. More specifically in 2007, on Environment North Carolina's annual Legislative Scorecard Rep. Goforth only voted for the environment 20% of the time. Which ranked him lower than any other member of General Assembly.

Drew Reisinger
Campaign Manager
Patsy Keever for NC House 115

Lower than any member of the GA

Wow. A person would have to work pretty darn have to come in last in a ranking like that. Sheeesh.

Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever is a wild eyed 60's liberal and is one of my very favorite people. The N.C. General Assembly could use a heavy dose of her honesty and commitment to help people.

I only wish...

...Ms. Keever would challenge Heath Shuler.


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