Why aren't Republicans demanding Troxler's head?

The big difference between Tea Party Tillis and progressives like you is simple: You call out sleaze, regardless of which party is involved. Tillis, on the other hand, always turns a blind eye to Republican incompetence and law-breaking.

If a Democrat had committed the kind of criminal misconduct that Steve Troxler is condoning, Thom Tillis would be calling for his head. But, of course, Thom Tillis doesn't give a damn about the rule of law, especially a law designed to stop people from kicking the shit out of animals.

It's beyond dispute that the Butterball turkey plant at Shannon was tipped off last month to an impending raid by Hoke County deputies looking for evidence of animal cruelty. In fact, there's no question about who did it.

Dr. Sarah Jean Mason, who heads animal health programs in the state Agriculture Department's Poultry Division, admits having contacted a friend and fellow veterinarian who works for Butterball.

Mason apologized, in writing, adding that no one else in the division was aware of her actions. Her only purpose, she wrote, was to "curtail avian abuse." Her boss, Agriculture and Consumer Services chief Steve Troxler, says Mason is "an exemplary employee" and he finds her explanation "perfectly reasonable."

If there were any justice in North Carolina, Troxler and Mason would both be in jail. But since neither of these people is a poor black man, they're more likely to get letters of commendation instead of letters of reprimand from Thom "Divide and Conquer" Tillis.

These "exemplary employees" turn my stomach.


The video will horrify you

Progress NC just posted the animal abuse video secretly taken at the Butterball turkey farm in Shannon, NC as the Feature Photo #2 on our home page top panel (www.progressnc.org). It's going to gross some people out, but we thought it necessary in order to illustrate the seriousness of the interference by Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler's office into a criminal probe of the abuse. Warning: it is extremely graphic footage of the abuse that, if nothing else, will make you very angry that someone tipped off the perpetrators before they could be caught and punished. There is no excuse for protecting people that do what you see in that video. IF YOU CARED THE LEAST BIT ABOUT PREVENTING ANIMAL ABUSE, YOU WOULD DO EVERYTHING YOU COULD TO STOP IT PERMANENTLY BY THROWING THE PERPETRATORS IN JAIL, NOT HELPING THEM EVADE IT. Will also post the link to the video below:



I watched this video, and blogged about it a couple weeks ago. My reaction can only be described as violent. Troxler and anyone else involved in tipping Butterball to the impending raid needs to be under the jail by the time it's all over. I'm thinking six feet might not be far enough for these animals.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail