Why are Obama supporters liking Mitt Romney's Facebook page?

The Boston Globe highlights a troubling trend, where unwitting Facebook users are being signed up for Mitt Romney's Facebook page without their knowledge or permission:

WASHINGTON -- Visit Mitt Romney’s page on Facebook and you’ll see 11.6 million “likes.” Lee Wolf, a self-described liberal who likes nothing about Romney’s politics, was stunned to hear from friends on the online social network that his name had popped up as an apparent supporter of the Republican presidential candidate.

“I don’t believe in anything he says. He’s not somebody I’d be voting for,” said Wolf, who owns the Lobster Shanty, a restaurant in downtown Salem. “I’m still wondering how it happened.”

Others are wondering, too.

I had this happen to me in late August, so I blogged about it here on BlueNC and my own blog. I also created the Hacked By Mitt Romney Facebook page. The page now has over 700 members, many who have angrily told of having their Facebook accounts hijacked in an effort to prop up Romney.

Can anyone ever again trust what they read on Facebook?


One explanation of why some liberals may actually like his page

is that it appears one cannot comment unless you've "liked." I liked it briefly...commented...and was somehow further excluded from making comments on his page.

As to the hijacking...I have no idea.

Stan Bozarth