Why America needs John Edwards as our next President (Revised)

The clamor for the White House is on. Clinton, Romney, Obama, Thomson, Huckabee, McCain and a fountain of other well known Washington insiders, many steeped in years of cozy relationships, cloak and dagger histories of deal making and inside political trading, not focused on Americas well being, but aimed and purposed for the retention of power or extending one’s influence. Political dynasties somehow permitted by the electorate to remain, in many cases, at the expense of America’s democratic health and vitality. We have permitted old money, old influence and all the political experience and seasoning it could buy to get us where we are today, drowning in two wars and a nine trillion dollar debt, trillion with a “T”.

America’s infrastructure is collapsing, and her education system is lagging behind many third world countries. Our reputation and standing, relative to credibility and fidelity, in the world community, has fallen off a cliff and over forty million of America’s citizens cannot get health insurance, or earn enough income to put any away for a rainy day. Poverty in America is growing at an astounding rate.

The onslaught of attacks, by our government, on our personal liberties, in the name of keeping America safe, is unyielding and stifling freedom of thought, speech and the press, all of which represent the very foundations of a free society. The overreaching of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and the Detainee Bill, are simultaneously chipping away at the very fabric of what makes America great; Freedom.

Health care issues are plaguing greater numbers of Americans, poverty is growing, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has become a canyon and security at our borders with Canada and Mexico is dismal. America’s international esteem, stature are corroded and the inclusion of the average American's wellbeing is in the conscience of the person occupying the Oval office is seemingly absent.

America needs change. We long for change. The American people want a new direction for our country. Change is a natural derivative of Democracy and it is the citizens of democracy who mandate the timetables for that change to occur. The time is now. Americans want our national esteem back. Leading the world in freedom and peace has been America’s hallmark. Strength and wisdom had, prior to Bush, been America’s calling card in the world and can be again. A new path, born of old traditions of principle, honor and integrity is America’s future.

Washington D.C.’s old blood has prevented the flow of free ideas and constructive participation. Freedom and liberty have been slowed in the pursuit of power and advantage in the Washington DC halls of power. We need a new leader. America needs a visionary. America needs the type of leadership that inspires us to be awed at the power of freedom and liberty. In our great history, these kinds of leaders have answered the calling of their country. Just to name a few;
George Washington, a man who would not be king.

Abraham Lincoln, a man of humility and awe inspiring presence and spiritual strength.

Harry Truman, an unassuming man of deep conviction and strength when America needed it.

Martian Luther King, a great man of peace, humility, suffering, example and leadership.

John F. Kennedy, who caught the world’s imagination and who inspired us all by leading us to be greater than our own circumstances and to reach just beyond our grasp.

Each one a great leader and a confirmation that, in the midst of chaos, calamity and uncertainty, a champion of the people and democracy can emerge to hold the lamp and lead the way. America needs a leader who can once again inspire us all to greatness, a leader who understands personal suffering and the humility of pain, born of humble beginnings and who has himself aspired to the American Dream. America needs John Edwards as the next President of the United States.

Edwards was born on June 10th, 1953 to Wallace R. Edwards and Kathryn Juanita Wade in Seneca, South Carolina. During John’s childhood the family finally eventually settled in Robbins, North Carolina where his father worked in a textile mill and his mother was a postal employee. Edwards was the first person in his family to attend college. He graduated with in 1974 from North Carolina State University, and later earned his law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he also met his wife Elizabeth Anania. They married in 1977 and have four children. Their first two, Wade and Cate, were born early in their marriage. Later, then sixteen year old Wade, was killed in a car accident. Following Wade's death, the Edwards had two more children, Emma Claire, born 1998, and Jack, born in 2000.

John Edwards and his wife have known the pain of great suffering. Losing one’s own child is the greatest fear of any parent. Knowing the otherwise unimaginable pain and the incalculable sense of loss that comes with the death of a young son, or daughter is part of who they are. As many other parents in America who have lost a child through accident, war, sickness, or violence John Edwards and his family also share the experience. As with many other American families, the Edwards have come through this terrible time knowing more than before, understanding that unknown part in all of us that allows us to endure and helps us to overcome that which seems overwhelming and impossible.

Strength of character is not common today in Washington. Over the past seven years our halls of greatness in Washington D.C. have turned into passages known well by the elite and privileged. A place where corporate influence and the pursuit of personal gain and advantage has managed to drown the will of the people, where even those elected representatives of conscience and morals are quickly derailed or compromised, leaving them to no effect.

I believe John Edwards has the strength of character and the moral temperance to overcome the forces in Washington that are so easily succumbed to and to overcome them for the sake of the greater good and security of the American people.

Before becoming a US Senator, Edwards was a personal injury attorney. He represented families and children, and specialized in corporate negligence and medical malpractice claims. The people he represented, in many cases, may have otherwise never had their day in court had John Edwards not represented them.

Of the 2008 Democratic presidential contenders who voted to give President Bush authority to wage war in Iraq, only one, John Edwards, has openly and publicly stated his serious regret for having casts his vote in favor of the President. As with many others in Congress, he had no reason to believe the President had misled America into engaging militarily in Iraq.

Edwards called attention to his vote in fall 2005, writing an op-ed piece in The Washington Post that began with: "I was wrong." "It wasn't just the weapons of mass destruction I was wrong about," Edwards said. "It's become absolutely clear - and I'm very critical of myself for this - looking back, that I should not have given the president this authority."

In his many recent and prior broadcast interviews Edwards said he believes that "anybody who wants to be president of the United States has got to be honest and open, be willing to admit when they've done things wrong." I was wrong," Edwards said, but he added that voters should also consider "who has the depth, the maturity, the judgment to be president of the United States." John will end the Iraq war which has stolen our blood and treasure.
I believe John Edwards has grown to the extent he stands alone in the flood of contenders to the Oval Office.

I believe John Edwards is qualified, ready, sincere and determined in his quest to do what is right for America and I have decided to support John Edwards for President.

Marshall Adame for Congress


Way to go, Marshall

You're at the top of the recommended list at Daily Kos! Good job.

(Note: You should always make your website a live link. I've done that for you, so you can cut and past it in the future.)

Thanks James...I must confess..

I am not as computer literate as some may think. Thank you my friend. I saw John last night at the Dem HQ event in Raleigh. The event went really good.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Thanks, Marshall.

I've been a John Edwards supporter for several years now. Frankly, I don't believe John Kerry would have pulled as many votes without Edwards on the ballot, which means (to me) that half of America wanted John in the White House three years ago. I think they're going to get their wish this time around, even if the "establishment" doesn't want him there.

Freedom and liberty have been slowed in the pursuit of power and advantage in the Washington DC halls of power.

I'm also beginning to think that the Democratic Primary coming up is more important for the American People than the General Election, if we really want to see some change.

Nice post, but ...

Of the 2008 Democratic presidential contenders who voted to give President Bush authority to wage war in Iraq, only one, John Edwards, has openly and publicly stated his serious regret for having casts his vote in favor of the President. As with many others in Congress, he had no reason to believe the President had misled America into engaging militarily in Iraq.

Rather, Hillary is the only one to not apologize ...
I apologize; this is a sticking point for me as the fact that my guy offered an alternative gets lost too often.

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