Who's who?

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Just curious.


My wonderful wife says

I'm at least two people. This one here . . . and that other one. I wouldn't be surprised if there were four. How many are you?

PS I was looking for a clever internet personality quiz to post here, but the two tests I took said I was a calm and easy-going. So I found this instead. Have fun.

Huh, that's interesting!

A band named after an interrogative pronoun, pretty neat! I'll bet that made it hard to Google them. I guess they never made it big, huh? Were they any good?

How's it going up there in North Carolina, folks? Politics down here in Georgia is just depressing. This state is so red it hurts to look at. It would take supertankers of Visine to..., well you get the picture. My little parts of Atlanta are pretty progressive, but I haven't become all that well acquainted with things on the state level because every time I start looking, I just get depressed. Once we get Larry and Heath in the House, some of y'all are going to have to come down here and help me set up PeachBlue (or sommat).

I'm kidding, by the way, about not knowing the Who. I truly believe that careful selection of tracks from Quadrophenia could yield one of the top ten rock albums of all time. And that's to say nothing of A Quick One, perhaps one of the most awesome songs ever.

Quadrophenia . . . sort of like Chuck Taylor. Split personality.

Thanks for the Charles Taylor letter, Lance. The one saying:

To intervene militarily might so weaken Iraq that it would be invaded and partitioned by its neighbors as soon as we left the country. Such an event could involve the United States in an open ended commitment that would be a genuine quagmire in a part of the world that is rather alien to us.

This specific letter.

Please post it everywhere you can think of.

Morning Lance.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Here's another speech that Repubs want forgotten....

It was posted on the 'Washington Institute For Near East Policies' website, but since this is starting to be passed around, has been pulled:

"I think that the proposition of going to Baghdad is also fallacious. I think if we were going to remove Saddam Hussein we would have had to go all the way to Baghdad, we would have to commit a lot of force because I do not believe he would wait in the Presidential Palace for us to arrive. I think we'd have had to hunt him down. And once we'd done that and we'd gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and his government, then we'd have had to put another government in its place.

What kind of government? Should it be a Sunni government or Shi'i government or a Kurdish government or Ba'athist regime? Or maybe we want to bring in some of the Islamic fundamentalists? How long would we have had to stay in Baghdad to keep that government in place? What would happen to the government once U.S. forces withdrew? How many casualties should the United States accept in that effort to try to create clarity and stability in a situation that is inherently unstable?

I think it is vitally important for a President to know when to use military force. I think it is also very important for him to know when not to commit U.S. military force. And it's my view that the President got it right both times, that it would have been a mistake for us to get bogged down in the quagmire inside Iraq." Dick Cheney 1991

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

I just finished my ActBlue Page

guess i should have started it back in the summer, would have been nice to track all those candidates progress. duh. YankeeBlue @ ActBlue!

Anyway after somebody, was it you Robert?, posted about Vernon's misuse of signage, I've seen almost every sign from a month ago in business/corner stops GONE. Now its down to a spattering of homes. And a huge grin.

So who's up for Kissell's Konvoy on the 4th?
I'll repost the new updated thread later today, but everyone better be there!

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.