Where was the Tea Party today in Raleigh?

I went to the rally in Raleigh in support of the Wisconsin protesters. There were a bunch of counter protesters across the street with their signs swearing fealty to the rich and their corporations and opposing a good life for workers. I expected all that, but I also expected some notion of Constitutional rights - don't the Tea Baggers claim to support the 1st Amendment and all that?

But no - not only did they try to drown out our speakers with their speakers but - and I really found that offensive - they sometimes simply broadcast pure noise, no words, just noise - in an attempt to suppress our free speech.

Why am I not surprised?


Gaddafi Peace Prize?

Don't worry! The Corporate control Protestors were in a international competitive contest to see who wins the Gaddafi Human Rights award along with the $250 thousand dollar cash prize that goes with it. They were upset when they found out that last year winner was the Turkish Prime Minster and thought he was the guest speaker for the Republican Tea Party

The Puppetmaster is All Powerful

There were a bunch of counter protesters across the street with their signs swearing fealty to the rich and their corporations and opposing a good life for workers.


I counted at least 4 megaphones and a horn with an assortment of sirens and honking noises trying to drown out the rally. The guy in the sunglasses holding the sign is Randy Dye aka RandysRight. So much for free speech.

Randy Dye

For all his happy talk, turns out to be just another asshole.

Ah well.

Shape Up Randy!

The guy in the sunglasses holding the sign is Randy Dye aka RandysRight. * Greg

No doubt Randy needs to hook up with the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program before he has the "big one" by holding up a light protest sign. And than he needs a dress code coach to match that 1970's Disco brown jacket coat with those Brett Favre Mississippi Redneck Levi's, not counting a complete face lift along with joining the Men's Hair Club. It's all about image Randy, if you expect to win the Corporate Fascist fans...

Thank you

Yes that is me, and you'll see Joe Taylor from the Moccasins Minute Group and Laura Long founder of the Triangle Conservatives Unite and FreedWorks state director and several gor the state GOP.

Lizard Lick Tea Party For Randy?

Yep that me!*Randy

We know that Randy, but you left out your other friends from the Lizard Lick Republican Transgender Crossdressing Tea Party War Council. I know this tough for you Randy, but do not confuse Alien Lizards from Area 51 with your other friends from Lizard Lick. We know this is deep stuff for you, but remember help is on the way with 1/2 Governor Sara Palin leading a Intelligence fund raiser for your group at the Lizard Lick Pool Hall and Bait shop next week...

Randy's Right reply

Blog spam disabled. You've already been warned Randy. Next time we'll just block you completely. Greg


I've done my best to be polite and for open debate of another view point, yet all I see is personal attacks towards me?

Here's another serious point of view, so please take care. Hans was also at the event yesterday. He is a Docterate in history. I will share his thoughts of the article he wrote:

WWFMD…What Would Free Men Do??

by Hugh Axton *
(aka Hans Mentha)

Yesterday I had a lot of time to think. I stood for two hours on the street across from the NC Capital and watched the circus. This was not Barnum and Bailey. This was a street performance by SEIU, SEANC, Teamsters, etc. and their progressive, socialist and communist organizers.

Yes, there was a gathering on my side of the street also. The defining characteristic between the opposing crowds was clear. One side wants to achieve “economic and social justice” through redistribution of wealth and power. The other side wants to be left alone to live their lives and prosper in accordance with their industry and ability. It’s just that simple: force vs. self reliance.

Many smart conservatives with good intentions have worked hard to find ways to communicate with these Looters, the “useful idiots”, “tools” of the communists, who carry the socialist and progressive banners. Despite best efforts one can see little net effect on the dialog or events over the last two years. There is no common ground for compromise or negotiation with the naked evil that only covets what you have and believes it should become theirs.

So what did I think about as I gazed across the street into the faces? The faces filled with anger and hate, screaming about “workers rights”? First I thought about how to suppress my visions of their mouths salivating to consume the products of my mind and labor.

Then I thought about my Rights as a sovereign human. Rights understood by the men and
women who fought the War of Independence to live free from the tyranny of the British monarchy; Rights of man that exist prior to the establishment of any government.

After that, I reflected on the loss of Liberty endured to confront the lunacy across the street. To stand at this event today, I submitted to Statutes of NC and the Ordinances of Raleigh which stripped me of some of my Rights for the privilege of permitting me to exercise others. One should never have to surrender one Right to exercise another. It is unreasonable to relinquish my Right to defend my life where agitators cross into our crowd to provoke conflict.

Our State and City have passed laws that attempt to make our human rights mutually exclusive. If I want to peacefully assemble to picket I must not be armed. If I am armed, I must distance myself from locations where free speech is exercised. This is philosophically and morally wrong.

We have been conditioned to choose between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive. Today I resolved this problem – I no longer find certain restrictions
acceptable. For each artificial constraint that is placed upon me, I will ask a simple question:


( What Would Free Men Do ? )

A free man would apply a test of ‘reasonability’ to the constraints forced upon his choices.
From today forward, I will examine my motives and actions to ensure they are in compliance with the underlying principles of civil behavior and common law.

IF I am satisfied that I do not intend to

initiate force (breach the peace)
injure another (physical, mental or economic damage)
encroach (on persons or their property)
THEN I will

proceed with my business
conduct myself with dignity
be swift to exercise retaliatory force
be responsible for consequences of my actions,
Despite any restrictions or constraints that other men attempt to impose on me.

This is a new line in the sand, a statement to guide my peaceful actions. At the same time this is a warning to all who seek to violate my Rights. Repeat after me:

We, the intended victims of the collectivists, withdraw our sanction.
We will not be willing victims any longer
We will not submit to unreasonable constraints.
We will not disarm.

If you are one of the Looters, and you ask what this really means in practice, let me refer you to statements by others who have addressed this dilemma:

“All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.”

“If you try to take our liberty, property, (…insert any unalienable right), we will kill you.”

You might find it is hard to get a clear answer to this question, as Free Men (and Women) have not walked on this soil for over 140 years.

You will have to answer this for yourself, as did I. Just apply the test of ‘reasonability’.

Starting today, we live once again in Liberty as Free Men.

We need no permission.

It’s just that simple.


* In Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged there is a character named Hugh Axton. Dr. Axton is a philosopher known as “the last of the advocates of reason” – although he refers to himself as “the first of their return”.

Goes to show that a doctorate in history

can be granted to just about any fool who has spent enough time shrugging with Atlas.

Your right to freedom and liberty stops dead in its tracks when it fucks with mine, Randy Dye. Dead in its god damn tracks.

When you defend corporatist scumbags who dump mercury in a river where the fish I eat spawn and grow, you are fucking with my freedom. When your silver spoon millionaire Art Pope lies and buys half the North Carolina legislature, you are fucking with my freedom. When you defend the distribution of my tax dollars to private schools, private armies, private companies, private anything, you are fucking with my freedom.

And just to say it, when your white, Anglo-Saxon forefathers invaded the continent where my native American ancestors lived, when they killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and you defend them as "free" people walking in their bloody god damn boots over my people's graves 140 years ago, you are indeed fucking with my freedom.

If there were any justice in this god forsaken world, you would never have been born.

I'm not advocating big

I'm not advocating big corporation, I was a small bussiness owner at one time and employed 40 people with benefits. Are their scumbags in this world? yes of course their is. Did the Indians here get treated unfairly, absolutely!! Their immigration control didn't work out to well. And we have Gangis Khon that invaded and slaughtered thousands. Chairman Mao was responsible for 50 million deaths of his own countrymen. Mohammad slaughtered millions to spread Islam. No doubt sin is in the world.
Walt Disney was a millionaire, so is Brad Pitt, so is President Clinton. So our the leadership in SEIU.
If someone is dumping Mercury into waters, heck yeah I'm with you on that. I have Indian family in Oklahoma, their chief is Jim Thorpe's son from his third wife. The Indians tribes once they got Indian bingo that was supposed to go to the tribe's, they pocketed and through thier own people under the bus. You can remain in your hate and take your hate to the grave, that's your choice. Their were hundreds of Indians wars before the white man ever came here. Indians are not the only ones in history that got the shaft, get over yourself and deal with it.

Deal with it?

Deal with you and your happy horseshit about "free men" traipsing around this country 140 years ago? That's really rich, Mr. Right.

You talk about the past like it was some kind of Magic Kingdom. One hundred and forty years ago, people were dying right where we live in order to keep black people enslaved.

IF someone is dumping mercury in our rivers? IF?????

Where have you been living, under a rock? American rivers are cesspools. And I'm betting you'd fight to the death to keep the mean old government from passing laws telling big bidness to clean up their acts. It's the Ayn Rand way, the short cut to hell.

Though I do not agree with

Though I do not agree with alot of Atlas Shrugged, her point was genius and is real world today.
I agree slavery was and sill is today barbaric. Slavery has gone on since mankind has existed.
It continues all over the world as in India where the servants are treated as property.
There are good men out there though. I suggest you do some homework on William Wilberforce who helped abolish the British slave trade that the Monarch had started.

You're not advocating anything anymore Randy,

at least not here at BlueNC. You've posted some crazy stuff before, but this takes the cake:

“If you try to take our liberty, property, (…insert any unalienable right), we will kill you.”

And I don't care if it's you quoting Hans who's quoting someone else, the intent is the same. Take your crazy ass shit somewhere else.

Shoot the Apple Hans! Not drop it on Randy's Head!

Here's another serious point of view, so please take care. Hans was also at the event yesterday. He is a Docterate in history. I will share his thoughts of the article he wrote:* Randy

Listen Randy! You are hanging with a old physics dude who is having his tea party moment of 15 minutes of fame that has just discover that Apples do fall and do damage to brain cells if one is under the wrong tree of liberty...By the way, I had no idea that they gave history docterates in Physics..