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This one's dedicated to Paul Stam and Pat McCrory.


save the middle class

Expand True we need middle class characters in power. Ted Kennedy type. Rich but cared for the mass. Today, we have greed unrestricted. How much is enough?

10% own 73% Net wealth--83% Financial wealth--Get 50% individual income

70,000,000 wokrers pay full payroll tax and get 14% of total individual income

Top 2% --Please protect them--do not tax them--they own 50% financial wealth--get 30% individual income--incluee these incomes in millions--4000-3000-1000-500-100-10
They need help.

How can Gop refuse to raise the tax on them? They have gotten richer by our failure to tax them instead borrow from the chinese etc
Bush Tax Curs 2001-2010
1% got 37.6%----5% got 48.3%----Bottom 60% got 26.8%

God Bless America that great Chrstian($$$$$$$$$$) nation

clarence swinney

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