Where the blame should lie

Fanning the flames of religious strife:

Speaking by phone from an undisclosed location, writer and director Sam Bacile remained defiant, saying Islam is a cancer and that he intended his film to be a provocative political statement condemning the religion. Bacile, a California real estate developer in his fifties who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam's flaws to the world. "Islam is a cancer, period," he repeatedly said in a solemn, accented tone.

This ($5 million) movie was not financed to make money in the box office, it was financed to stir up trouble and drive a wedge (deeper) between the U.S. and Islam.



Are you seriously suggesting that the blame lies with Sam Bacile and not the intolerant zealouts in the Middle East who have expressed their religious indignation through destruction and violence?

He deserves his share, at least

Guys like Bacile and Sheldon Adelson try to use their millions to shape U.S. foreign policy into what they (personally) believe is the correct moral path. And if they don't get what they want through government channels, they use media to try to stir up trouble, hoping that will force governments to change their policies.

Of course the attackers were wrong, but so is Bacile. His intent wasn't to be creative or expressive, it was to enrage Muslims. But his end goal isn't to make them angry, it's to force you and me to consider an entire religion as our enemy. You may fall for it, but I'm not going to.


Perhaps you have fallen for the notion that religions are to be privileged. Genuine liberalism includes a belief in the right of freedom of expression, including expressions which are critical -- even satirical -- with respect to religions.

See my post below.


I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Yes the reaction was extreme and tragic, but the first

domino to fall in this string of events was the needlessly insulting, inaccurate, POS video.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Housing Disaster Review

Fannie and Freddie were placed in Conservatorship in 2008 by Paulson.
All toxic home loans were pre-2008 Crash.
NY Times wrote regulations were too tough.
F&F were allowed to continue buying housing derivatives.
F&F had caps on home loans they could buy. 1980=$93,759—1988-$153,100—2002--$300,000-
2008-$729,750. This allowed banks to dump toxics on F&F.

There was little supervision on F&F. They bought home mortgages from the banks then resold them to investors. They never created a mortgage. They bought them. The bigger the loan the bigger the profit. We built homes too large—too expensive for declining middle class incomes.

They were sold worldwide as Triple AAA but were toxics. Over one half the mortgages were by private lenders. Banks were begging for mortgages they bundled into Derivatives and sold worldwide. Much fraud permeated the entire system. Millions of foreclosures hurt millions of families. It created the Great Recession from which we will suffer for years.

clarence swinney