When conversion comes

While I don't expect this to give pause to free-market extremists who know they are right about everything, it is reassuring to see a person of stature and influence come to grips with the question we should all be asking: What if I'm wrong?

Diane Ravitch, the education historian who built her intellectual reputation battling progressive educators and served in the first Bush administration’s Education Department, is in the final stages of an astonishing, slow-motion about-face on almost every stand she once took on American schooling.

Once outspoken about the power of standardized testing, charter schools and free markets to improve schools, Dr. Ravitch is now caustically critical. She underwent an intellectual crisis, she says, discovering that these strategies, which she now calls faddish trends, were undermining public education. She resigned last year from the boards of two conservative research groups.


the sattelite view shows the pool

and it's hard to tell just how humongous it is but who the heck named a road 7800 Secluded Acres Road? Is that the house number or what?


It's the house number ... or else the number of slave children working on Margiotta's plantation.

May not be his pool ... he may be the lake owner.

People do change

I am glad your "what if I'm wrong?" link went to a global warming/climate change site. Some here can probably remember a year or more ago me being somewhat of a rabid anti-climate change kind of guy. Back and forth, back and forth...argument and cross-argument. You could have called me Dave back in those days (remember, James?).

Then, I was prompted to "follow the science" and through a HUGE amount of researching on my own on just about every site available on the Internet on this subject, I began asking "what if I'm wrong?". And guess what, I found that rather than just looking at ONE picture, I was not looking at the WHOLE picture. It was a slap in the face...or on the back of the head like Gibbs does to Dinoso on NCIS (if you watch stuff like that). :)

People do change. Nice to see this. Sure wish some of our illustrious leaders would just take a little time to look at the forest once in a while rather than letting the trees get in the way.