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It was a trip finding all these recordings. Crazy stuff.

We Won't get Fooled Again



The price of doing bidness

Free market fantasy run amok.

Transferring costs from businesses onto individuals has become a cottage industry. It pops up everywhere, ideology always falls by the wayside. From Wall Street picking your pocket to contractors paid to give Iraqi's free healthcare, even smaller concerns are getting in on the con. The apartment complex where I live now require renter's insurance, but not for your stuff. They require coverage up to $250,000 on their stuff, their pipes, their walls. Which means the deduct has to be sky-high, so high it's not gonna cover anything the renter owns. Unless they happen to regularly keep 50k worth of diamonds and gold in their $600 studio apartment ...

The poorer someone is, the easier it is to stick them like that. Republicans are fond of comparing businesses to people. Their SCOTUS stooges wasted no time giving corporations the same rights as a person—when it came to benefits. Just not the responsibilities, just not the social stigma. What we would call a powerful person who takes money from the most vulnerable, desperate people they can shake down for no other reason than no one is around who will stop them?

A million dollars is peanuts compared to the damage this plant caused. But in the great state of Texas, this is one of the few industries that have any requirement at all. If the hair man had his way, there would be no requirement at all. Which most anyone might call unfair, or bullshit. In Texas, anywhere else these ultra goons get behind the wheel, that's just the price of them doing their business in your backyard. Let freedom ring.

I Couldn't Find a Valid Excuse Not to Participate...

...so I participated, and it was moving and effective.

Photos and a video at http://ncbackward.com/

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

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