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After that stupid-ass e-mail,

Dallas Woodhouse shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of the State Board of Elections. What happens today could turn into a legal nightmare for Republicans. I'll try to keep you posted.

Rockingham no Sundays, Craven one

They're on a break right now, but here's the livestream (hopefully it won't crash our site):

They've turned the mics off so we can't hear any juicy gossip. Bastards. ;)

Just learned

that my county's Republican majority board (Catawba) chose to ignore Woodhouse and actually extend early voting hours beyond the 2012 numbers, including 2 Sundays. Surprised by that, but also pleased.

“As a board, we didn’t consider what (Woodhouse) said,” said board chairman David Hood, who’s a Republican. “Our obligation was to the voters. ... Our decision making is not based on partisan considerations, and that’s been true for the whole 18 years I’ve been on the board.”

The vote was unanimous.

Yes, 2 out of 3 counties

were able to come up with plans that were bi-partisan, or at least received a unanimous vote. I must admit I was surprised by this, and after spending most of yesterday watching the hearing, I'm also glad. Sheesh, that was a marathon.

Does anyone know where Person County is in the videos?

I would like to watch but I don't want to sit through all the other counties. I tried to skip through but did not see us - I was skipping a lot so...

The very first one

I missed it as well, because nobody from Person County showed up. The Board spent about twenty minutes discussing it before voting for the majority plan.


I read on the internet (where everything is true) that Watuaga and one of the counties starting with C were going to be the first 2 so I just skipped to 30 or 40 minutes in before even trying to find us. Silly me - the internet wins again!

I am angry with the chair of our county BoE - I have defended him and the rest of the board a number of times. In this little exercise he showed that he is more Republican than citizen. One can be both Partisan and Fair. He was just Partisan. He stated his objections to Sunday voting. They were addressed. He still voted NO. And he did not even go to the session to defend his vote.