What's wrong with this picture?


I'll start it out:

First and foremost, there are no black faces in this crowd. Not a big surprise, since there's only a handful of African-Americans who are deluded enough (Vernon) to believe the GOP is their best bet. But it had to be said.

Second, they're all stuffing their faces. You got an ideologue harping about reform that will (among other things) raise the cost of groceries for all of us, including those who can barely feed their families as it is, and these folks need to polish off a couple thousand calories before they can relax and pay attention. Disgusting.

Thirdly (not sure if that's actually a word), what you really can't discern in this photo is the AFP's gimmick (remember the drilling rig?). It's a football helmet. Seriously. Their idea for motivating supporters is to play upon their (assumed) love of the gridiron. Prediction: next gimmick will be NASCAR-related.

Anybody else?

Eagerly listening?

Even their lies have lies.

I've Got Some

4. If the sales and service taxes are enacted, these people will have no one to serve their food to them because the one server pictured will be out of a job.

5. Almost none of them are "eagerly listening" [edited to add: oops, I see that James already got this one]

6. We see an NC State and UC Berkeley (!) flag in a Greensboro establishment (couldn't resist this one).

7. (sorry, this one is blatantly obvious): The tweet came from Americans for Pisspoority. It's wrong by definition.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

So is that

So is that in Greensboro or Morehead?

Pretty sure it's Greensboro

But the Tweet was probably posted from in/around Morehead.

I got 2 robocalls

inviting me to that event. In Greensboro on 220 N I believe. Americans for Prosperity is that AFP?

They sure got the wrong number.

Some interesting stats on AFP and others on Facebook

I was a bit curious about Americans for Prosperity and what they're up to in NC. I checked out their website and you'd think with all the Koch brothers and Pope money (again remember that Pope is the group's second biggest donor) they could afford a better web designer. Slow to load, buggy, and menus that don't work right. Sheesh - what a mess.

After considerable effort, I was able to get to the AFPNC page. They had a link to AFPNC's Facebook page and I found some interesting stats when click on "Likes" on the page and getting some more info on that and other NC oriented political pages:

Most Popular Age Group: 55+ years old

NC TEA Party
Most Popular Age Group: 45-54 years old

Progress North Carolina
Most Popular Age Group: 45-64 years old

North Carolina NAACP
Most Popular Age Group: 25-34 years old

Equality NC
Most Popular Age Group: 25-34 years old

Notice the age group for the last two pages? Progress NC and other liberal groups needs to do some serious outreach to younger folks around the state and generally get their numbers up - we don't have the money for robocalls, mass mailings, and all the other promotional efforts that AFP has, but we do have people. The Moral Mondays effort might be a good way for the NC NAACP to do some more outreach through FB, for example.