What's wrong with this picture?


You mean that all these guys are discussing

health and there's only one woman in the picture? Naw, couldn't be that. I mean, for goodness sake, doesn't everyone understand that guys, particularly guys in suits, are in charge of the world and that women's rights are on the way out? I'm going into the chastity belt business just as soon as I can get an SBA loan. Partner with the NRA and the Republican National Committee. Create jobs, that's what I'm gonna do. The Republican way... Soon women will be clamoring for my woven stainless steel mesh contraception control device with pockets for their iPhone /Android and a jug of pepper spray. An option will likely be a concealed pocket for a straight razor. Boy, the TSA is gonna have a fit.

Stan Bozarth

To you, James

Both of us know that there are some people very disappointed that Brad has decided not to run for governor. We both know that if he didn't have some very important work to do in DC, he would be back down here running for something. We both know that he will be back. Please explain this to my knew BFF Jake.