What's wrong with this idea?

Always on the hunt for out of the box thinking (especially when it challenges my preconceptions), I found myself intrigued by this idea.

A better public plan would not be a new government-run insurer at all, but rather a government-chartered mechanism that would let employers and individuals buy health coverage from private insurers in a manner that uses the three most essential market forces — choice, competition and incentives — to reduce the price and improve care.


Sounds good, but...

I could definitely get behind something like that, but it's vague like the ideas that are coming from within the Beltway right now. Personally, I'm not hard-liner when it comes to the stereotypical "public-plan." This country is known for innovation and being unique when it comes to facing challenges, but whatever plan we end up with must cover everyone. That said, your idea definitely sounds promising.


Serious Question

We have 5 million people insured in North Carolina right now. 3.7 million of them are insured by 1 company.

We are not a unique state. Find me a solution that doesn't include a government run, not for profit as an option and I will go for it.

But this idea of a government "exchange" helping people find better choices is absurd. The biggest issue is that there is no competition, and there never will be under the current system. And it would be pretty damn tough to break up 40+ state by state monopolies without a heck of a lot more regulation than you will get with this plan, which is essentially having the government play salesman for profit driven corporations.

"Keep the Faith"

That's a big point

But what if the salesman names the price and conditions. Not bids the price ... names the price.

PS I'm not defending the idea, just thinking it through. Even bad ideas can lead to good ideas.

non profit public owned

healthcare insurance. Owned and run as a non-profit with all corporate positions having a salary limit with a no bonus policy.
Generous benefits from owner monthly premiums but with no profit to worry our heads over.
No corporate jets or expensive meetings and junkets.


Yes, this is what we shouild demand

Until profit is taken out of the equation, the public will lose. We need to own this insurance.