What's up with Wake Dem's holding two Resolutions Committee meetings before the end of the precinct organization deadline?

Those two meetings are scheduled for March 19th (today) and next Saturday (March 26th)? I received no notification of any kind from the Wake County Democratic Party in the form of either an e-mail or a phone call of these meetings. In fact, had P.R. Latta not mentioned it to me during a telephone conversation we had today, I would not have known about it.

While I received no notice of these important Resolution Committee meetings, I have received several e-mails from the Wake Dems and other auxiliary groups about showing up on the 19th for something called "Mulch Madness".
I went to check the Wake Dems website calendar - both meetings were listed. For some reason I could not check the calendar for April to see if a Resolutions Committee meeting is scheduled for the weekend before the County Convention. Holding the Resolutions Committee meeting the weekend before the County Convention is the way it's been done for as long as I can remember.

According to the Plan of Organization, precincts have up until two weeks before the county convention to get organized. If those precincts have resolutions that they pass at those meetings, how will the Resolutions Committee handle them if they have two meetings before April 2 and then none afterwards?

I'd also like to ask why we are having not one but two Resolution Committee meetings before the more or less official deadline for precinct organization as well as this "Mulch Madness" business. What happens to resolutions that were voted on at the 19th meeting - does a similar resolution get a second hearing on the 26th?

We need to be organizing as many precincts as possible up until the very last day we can do so - so that we can get as many precincts organized and get as many delegate votes as possible!

More precincts and more delegate votes means that the Wake Dems have more delegate voting strength in our 3 congressional districts and at our state convention! How will Democrats in those precincts feel if they get organized after the 26th and find out there is no way their resolutions will be considered?

Is this a preview of "Coming Attractions"? Will this year's Wake Dems County Convention be a repeat of the 2010 convention?

Chris Telesca


Have you called and asked?

Just a suggestion.

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Yes - have called and asked several people before making OP

Have sent out several e-mails as well. Can't get any answers, even from people who were asked to be on the Committee by the Committee Chair.

I know how to go down a check-list. It seems that every year someone feels the need to re-invent the wheel even though we've got a County Party history book in the office.

I just hope that this won't be a repeat performance of last year's County Convention when we had three different resolutions packets and none of them were in the right order.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Yes, JD...but you do know

that some people expect to be spoon fed...and some people live to complain. I saw the pic from Mulch Madness on Facebook. What a great project and I LOVE the name.

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