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[Note: I'm writing this from the surface of the sun, also known as Arlington, Texas, where I am working for the week. Please be kind and welcoming to the many new liberal drinkers who have joined us recently!]


Local & State

  • The Color Wall at the D. H. Hill Library at NCSU is back – it will be re-lit for Hillsborough Street’s grand reopening on September 25.
  • Get your graze on. The Downtown Farmers’ Market GrazeFest is Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at City Plaza in the 400 block of Fayetteville Street.
  • The NC Pesticide Board (did you know there was such a thing?) tries to sweep AgMart under the rug.
  • Is the Josephus Daniels House and Masonic lodge also the world’s smallest naval base?
  • It’s late, and I just couldn’t come up with a better way to put this. So, just how small is your penis, anyway?
  • Manly church? Again, how small is it?


  • Thanks to a compromise Monday, the Senate finance reform bill will regulate swipe fees, the charges banks and credit card companies pass to merchants, who pass them to you.
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has at least 67 votes to end the Senate practice of secret holds. But can she get Majority Leader Harry Reid to act?
  • The BP oil disaster, as seen by God. It’s everywhere.
  • The Texas GOP wants to keep government out of our lives. Oh, except for making everyone speak English whether they want to or not; requiring every woman seeking an abortion to have an invasive sonogram; interfering with medical breakthroughs by banning stem cell research; and making the issuance of a same-sex marriage license or the performance of a same-sex civil ceremony a state felony.
  • That buzzing sound you hear? The vuvuzelas have come to America – and they may have cost the Florida Marlins a win.


  • More oil is spilled in the Niger delta in Nigeria every year than has been lost in the BP-Transocean Gulf of Mexico disaster.
  • The Betacup project is devoted to solving the problem of the wasteful disposable coffee cup. See the winner and finalists here.
  • “Yes to coriander, no to Kassams”: Israel lifts ban on civilian goods that allegedly never existed.
  • The world has nuked itself over two thousand times, with half of those in Nevada and the surrounding desert. Try to stop watching this video – I dare you.

  • Russia says Belarus owes them $192 million. Belarus says fine, but Russia owes Belarus $217 million. So Russia does what anyone would expect them to do – they threaten to cut the supply of gas to Belarus by up to 85%. The world is flat, indeed.


  • A European satellite has discovered six new exoplanets, bringing the number of discovered planets outside our solar system to about 450.

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speaking of Walter Jones

Speaking of freedom fries, Rep. Walter Jones got much love from Lawrence Lessig at DemocracyNC's lobby day today for voter financed elections.

Rep. Jones is, apparently, a national leader for public financing of congressional elections.