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  • Vote early (but not often) in the Democratic Senate runoff.
  • Triple-digit temperatures are threatening the Triangle this week, especially its elderly and homebound residents. Help by donating an inexpensive box fan to the Helping Hand Mission.
  • The state DOT responded to complaints about graffiti on I-440 in typical half-assed fashion: they painted over the bricks with beige paint. Call them at (919) 733-2191 and tell them to do it right.
  • Is there a company or charity out there whose exemplary performance should be emulated by others? Then nominate them for a BBB Torch Award.
  • What’s happening This Week in Congress, courtesy of Congress Matters and Daily Kos.

Local & State

  • Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley, to the families of 11 missing and murdered women: "They've got to stay on law enforcement...Let us know that you're not going away until you know we've done everything we possibly could do. Because if you don't care, I don't know why we should."
  • On the heels of WakeMed's recent expansion, Rex Hospital is planning a $120 million renovation and expansion, with emphasis on its heart services.
  • Charging tolls seems the likeliest solution to I-95's woes. It is heavily traveled by interstate truckers and in desperate need of upgrades; half of its drivers are from out of state.
  • Memo to SEANC and SEIU - if you want to spend thousands of dollars to challenge a sitting Democratic congressman from the left, make sure your candidate actually wants to run.
  • This week in the Democratic Senate runoff:
    • Does it really matter which Democrat wins as long as Republican Sen. Richard Burr has a $10 million war chest?
    • Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham will meet in a live televised debate on Tuesday, June 15 at 8 p.m. on NBC-17.


  • President Obama is making his fourth trip to the Gulf coast on Monday and Tuesday, followed by an address to the nation on Tuesday night.
  • Mad as hell at BP? Want to punish them by raising their liability cap from $75 million to $10 billion or more? This is why that kind of vengeance might be a very, very, very bad idea.
  • What happens when BP spills coffee?
  • Will Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) still say "Drill, baby, drill" in his state after a Chevron leak spills 21,000 gallons of oil, fouling and closing Salt Lake City's largest park and covering over 100 birds and geese with oil?
  • The BP/Transocean/Halliburton oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico isn't just covering birds, fish, and other wildlife; it is also endangering the Tea Party.
  • In Georgia, the Tea Party is demonstrating against the tyranny of mandatory trash collection.
  • Rep. Barney Frank's task force shows how to trim $1 trillion from the budget - by attacking the funding black hole that is the Pentagon.
  • Republicans are hanging their hopes of taking back the House on their 22 "Young Guns" recruits. What are these Young Guns missing? Youth. The average age is a hair under 50; only two are under 40, and one of the Young Guns is 62.
  • The ACLU is pissed at Obama. Here's a dozen reasons why.
  • A visual reminder of why we still blame the Bush administration for our budget crisis.
  • Just so you know - the latest Birther claim is that President Obama's Social Security number is fraudulent because it was issued in Connecticut.


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