What's on Tap: This Week at Drinking Liberally Raleigh

"What's on Tap" is a weekly round-up of stories and links that may be interesting to Drinking Liberally patrons.

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[Ed. note: I am not happy with the number of local and state stories, and I am working to do better.]


  • Umstead Park’s Big Lake closed due to potentially unsafe blue-green algae blooms.
  • You can recycle electronics at your local Harris Teeter – including cell phones, laptops, and MP3 players. AND you can donate the proceeds of what you recycle to your favorite school.
  • The Raleigh City Council may have violated open meeting laws when it secretly voted to agree to name the new downtown amphitheater after Bud Light in exchange for money. But who ever gets punished for violating silly little open meeting laws, anyway?
  • Facebook is under fire this week. The New York Times maps out Facebook’s byzantine privacy options.


  • If you thought the fight over North Carolina’s smoking ban was over, you might be wrong.
  • Here is a picture of one of the small, personal firearms available for purchase at this week’s NRA convention in Charlotte.


  • A remarkable chart showing the amazing relationship between age and support for marriage equality. Here comes the Red Tide!
  • Why do FedEx and UPS operate under two very different sets of labor and union organizing rules?
  • The Senate passes an amendment to financial reform limiting the fees that debit card companies can charge businesses and, indirectly, you.
  • BP’s drilling partner, Transocean, moved their headquarters to Switzerland to halve their American tax liability, and registered its rigs under the flag of the Marshall Islands to avoid tougher American safety standards. So why are they allowed in our territorial waters?
  • At least the front didn’t fall off.
  • President Obama’s 2011 Defense Department budget proposal does not include a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) responds. Will HRC continue to defend the president’s empty promises to the LGBT community?
  • The American war on drugs has cost more money and lives in the last 40 years than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
  • Your weekly smile: A flash mob proposal in NYC’s Washington Square Park.


  • Things have taken a turn for the worse in Thailand, as Red Shirt protestors move closer to civil war with the Thai army in Bangkok.
  • Think it’s bad in Pat Robertson’s America? It could be so much worse - hooded fascists protestors gather outside Belarus gay pride headquarters. Riot police break up the gay pride parade.
  • China is learning that guns are not necessary to terrorize people. Dozens of children have been killed and injured in a spate of gruesome school attacks.

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