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U.S. Open & NYC


  • The end of DADT is at great risk if the Senate doesn't act soon. Get on the horn to Sen. Hagan and tell her it's time to lead.
  • Barack Obama believes that the president of the United States has the power to kill an American citizen anywhere, any time, without due process. Do you?

Local & State


  • Here is an instructional labor tale from my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Enjoy your holiday, but remember the fights that got us where we are today.
  • What on earth could have caused this in the span of eight years?
  • In case you missed it, there is some new and interesting perspective on Sarah Palin, and why she just won't let America allow her to go away, in a new Vanity Fair piece.
  • I don't like Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer - I think she is a clone of Palin, unqualified for the national arena. And yet even I find it hard to watch her caught in the headlights like this. Betcha can't turn away from this train wreck.
  • What a 2010 Republican-triggered government shutdown might look like.
  • I hate Taser abuse by poorly trained or unresrtrained law enforcement officers. Here is yet another example why.
  • Dan Savage, on why LGBTs should even bother to vote or care who is in charge:
    If we get no progress under Democrats (just empty promises meant to excite their base), but no regress under Republicans (just empty threats meant to excite their base), why should we waste our time—and our money—worrying about who's in charge?
  • The EPA takes worker health and safety so seriously that they order companies to investigate themselves.
  • When Republicans are quoting your position on marriage equality, Mr. President, you just might be on the wrong side of the issue.
  • They Might Be Giants, "Electric Car" from Here Comes Science.
  • Think you've had a bad day? Hit your ball into the woods. Hit it out. Strike a rock on your swing. Start a 12-acre wildfire attracting 150 firefighters. A snowman is the least of your worries.


  • Hopes are raised in Spain, as Basque separatist group Eta appears to have renounced violence in their 50-year conflict that has claimed nearly 900 lives.
  • The Pentagon uses NBC News as a propaganda mouthpiece on the alleged end of combat operations in Iraq. The Associated Press, via its style guide, refuses to play along.
  • The Obama Administration may be guilty of a clear war crime - trying a minor in a military tribunal for a crime that didn't even exist at the time it was allegedly committed. Yes, this is a violation of the Geneva Convention. But for those rightists for whom that is not good enough, this also violates the United State Constitution.
  • Redesigning crosswalks to save lives.
  • Religion is like a penis.

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