What's on Tap: This Week at Drinking Liberally Raleigh

"What's on Tap" is a weekly round-up of stories and links that may be interesting to Drinking Liberally patrons. This week, for once, it is coming to you from scorching Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Local & State

  • Do you know how long former North Carolina legislators have to wait before becoming lobbyists? Six months. Could this be why Buncombe County Rep. Bruce Goforth has resigned, even though the session is over?
  • North Carolina's Mother Vine appears to be on the mend, after an accidental poisoning by a power company.
  • The state's Department of Cultural Resources is sponsoring a concert at the Capitol grounds on Saturday, August 14 at 6:30 p.m. In addition to artists the Little River Cloggers, storyteller Obakunle Akinlana, and the Huckleberry Brothers, there will be booths with food and other vendors.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes will be hosting the NHL's All-Star Game and celebration for the upcoming season January 28-30.
  • Raleigh Wars, the citywide water gun battle, launches August 1. You'll never guess which liberal drinker signed up first…
  • The concert lineup for the 2010 State Fair is partially completed, and it includes Jeffrey Osborne, Danny Gokey, Honor Society and Gloriana.


  • The middle class is shriveling from the heat of the recession and the legacy of the Bush administration. One third of Americans aren't contributing anything to their retirement. One fifth of all children are growing up in poverty. The depressing numbers are here.
  • Liberals and progressives may get up in arms about the propaganda and lies that are spewed daily by Fox News. But why aren't conservatives mad as hell at being lied to by Fox News, Rush, Glenn, Breitbart, et al.?
  • Lt. Dan Choi (ret.) gave his West Point ring to Sen. Harry Reid this past week, telling Reid the ring didn't mean to him what it once did. Reid promised to return the ring once the discrimination against gays and lesbians in the military was officially ended. Choi replied, "I'm going to hold you accountable."
  • Normally it is extremely difficult to get Congress to act on anything. So why is getting Congress to do nothing – sit on its hands while the deficit-busting Bush tax cuts expire – proving a challenge for wavering Democrats? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is in favor of letting the tax cuts expire.
  • The President's and Vice President's daily schedules are now available online and via RSS feed.
  • Sixty-two years ago today, President Harry Truman unilaterally desegregated the nation's armed forces. Question of the day: if our military is the best trained, best disciplined, most honorable fighting force in the world, then why can't they – especially the senior commanders – follow an order from their commander-in-chief to treat all soldiers equally?


  • In a story with echoes of the 1869 Black Friday, a hedge fund manager appears to be trying to corner the market in cocoa. He has a massive billion-dollar futures bet on the commodity, all while he is scooping up tons of the beans on global markets.
  • The failed flunkies of the Bush administration are still trying to have their way. Former CIA chief Michael Hayden is trying to force a U.S. strike on Iran by saying it is "inexorable".
  • Seven-time world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao now has a new title - Rep. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao (L - Sarangani) in the Philippine House of Representatives.

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Filibuster reform

Thanks for keeping these posts coming, Frank. I'm curious as to whether your meeting last night involved any discussions of filibuster reform. Would love to hear any updates from the front lines.