Whatcha readin?

If you enjoy speculative fiction, Turing Evolved will probably knock your socks off. I picked it up yesterday (shareware and on Kindle) and have been entirely useless for the past 24 hours. Full immersion and then some. Check it out.


The AP Stylebook

For (I believe) the third time this year. Maybe this time some of it will stick...

I'm also reading The Lazarus Effect by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom. A frightening glimpse into genetics gone wrong and "otherism".

The Operators

The Operators, by Michael Hastings

A collection of good stories about the war in Afghanistan, but the stories are poorly organized and disjointed.

Hastings is the guy who wrote the Rolling Stone article that got Gen. McChrystal fired (and Petraeus hired to replace him), and most of the book fleshes out the circumstances - how he got the interviews that led to the article in RS.

The valuable part of the book is that it summarizes our efforts in Afghanistan, and they're not good. We're spending billions, not on fighting terrorism but on fighting those who oppose our occupation of the country. Even worse, we're spending billions and have the world's most advanced fighting force, but we're getting our asses kicked by illiterate peasants making bombs out of fertilizer and wood.

Of all the policies that I disagree with this administration about, Afghanistan is #1 (opposing legalization of weed is #2).

Get out, Mr. President. Admit it's a failure and bring them home. Let's spend that money on America instead.

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The Operators

is a brutal takedown of the entire Afghanistan fiasco. Agree completely with your assessment of this failed policy ... and the wisdom of getting the hell out of there now.