What would a national strike look like?

This is a compilation of facts and ideas gleaned from the tubes this morning.

1. Momentum is growing towards a national general strike to oust Trump from power. Most notably, an opinion piece in The Guardian has advocated for one.

2. What would such a strike look like? This would be the first time that a strike of this magnitude has ever happened in the US, but with social media, crowdfunding, and the speed at which information now travels, the logistics would in many ways be much easier than at any time in the past.

3. Some argue that a successful strike would need to be a few weeks in length at minimum. I disagree with that. A massive show of force on a single day could be the shot across the bow we need right now. A show of force. Also, some argue that months are needed to plan something like this. Maybe that was the case in the past, but with social media, all bets are off. Besides, this action may need to be repeated.

4. In a climate where there’s a better than even chance that your landlord, your employer and any given coworker or friend would also be a strike supporter, the understandable objections that most often are heard to the idea — “What if I lose my job?” “How would I pay my rent?” “What would my friends say?” — quickly start to look much more manageable.

5. Specific demands:

  • The US House must begin impeachment proceedings against Trump
  • The NC legislature must fully repeal HB2

Strikers in other red states may or may not have their own agendas. The main focus, however, is getting rid of the psychopathic liar in the White House.

6. Specific actions I've read about for consideration. I'm not endorsing these, simply reporting them at this point. We still have 11 days to get consensus on exactly where the most pressure can be applied.

  • Employees everywhere should call in sick. Calling in sick needn't be a lie. People are quite literally sick these days, as evidenced by a growing spike in visits to therapists and psychiatrists.
  • Government employees should call in sick, shutting down the core.
  • Getting teachers, school system employees, professors, and university employees would be critical because they have a domino effect.
  • A sick-out among private stores and shops would be harder to coordinate, but highly desirable. Now is the time to start having conversations with owners and bosses. Get them on board.
  • Public transportation (trains, airlines, buses, taxis, etc.) should be shut down.
  • The day should be a day of action, with citizens asked to flood Congress and Raleigh with calls.
  • Citizens should drive to agreed upon locations and stop traffic by stalling their cars in the roadways. Agreed upon locations I've read about include downtown areas, airports, and government centers (Jones Street).
  • In DC, this would not be a protest, it would be a debilitating strike stopping the flow of people at Reagan National, Union Station, the Mall, and Congress.

If others have specific suggestions, please pile on. We're making this up. There has never been a national strike in the US, though there are good examples of actions on a smaller scale. Here's one I found helpful. https://iww.org/content/general-strike-pamphleth

Please note. This is not a labor strike. There a specific laws that come into play in work action. This is a broader action by citizens, regardless of where they work, and it is not about negotiating with individual employers.