What will you do?

When most people think about electoral politics nowadays, they think about the presidential race. But here in North Carolina, the presidential primary is over and there is little we can do or say to influence the national debate. Either Bernie or Hillary will emerge as the nominee. There is nothing more to be said.

When BlueNC readers think about electoral politics, however, it is the sorry state of our state that drives the agenda. The US Senate race. The Congressional races. The gubernatorial race. The NC Supreme Court. The council of state. The legislature. Those are the races we can influence, and if there was ever a time for us to step up, this is it.

This year, I'm supporting every Democrat who's running in every way I can. That means giving money, raising money, sharing mailing lists, promoting candidates on Facebook, commenting on news stories, engaging in online debates, talking to friends, blogging, and, finally, serving as a greeter on election day. My wife Jane is doing shifts at the public library for voter registration, and also working with Planned Parenthood and Lillian's List to support worthwhile candidates.

The most important election in our lifetimes is coming up in seven months. If we don't elect more and better Democrats, we'll be looking at four more years of incompetence in Raleigh. What are you going to do to help?



I don't often make requests

But I am making one today. My request is simple: Think through all the ways you can help support good Democrats in North Carolina, and then commit to doing THREE of those things over the next seven months.

Can't do as much

as I'd like to, but I am determined to remain active and continually probe weaknesses on the GOP side. You never know what might be ignored or what might become a catalyst, but nothing will happen in the absence of scrutiny.

Also, there is one non-Democrat that we would do well to promote, Eric Fink. He might be a longshot, but a chance to grill the Bergermeister in a heated campaign is very tantalizing...