What will McCrory do now that the true motives for Voter ID have been revealed?

Former governor and ex-Republican Charlie Crist must have had an attack of conscience this week when he explained to Rachel Maddow that the entire GOP strategy around Voter ID, early voting, and voter purging was designed to do one thing and one thing only: suppress Democratic voting.

Anyone with half a brain knew that all along, but it's pretty sobering to see it spelled out in live video on national television.

Which brings us to this question: What will Pat McCrory do now that he's been elected to be governor of all of North Carolina, not just Republican districts?

My guess? He'll do whatever Art Pope tells him to do.


Just got a robo-call from AFP

asking people to call Beth Wood and complain about Perdue "giving away a valuable piece of property" to the City of Raleigh, and they're hitting the social media outlets pretty hard as well.

They're not doing this out of ideology or boredom. Somebody's developmental dreams are being dashed, and the long knives are coming out.

Also, AFP's involvement either

calls into question Gary's source re Art Pope's approval of the Dix transfer, or it calls into question Pope himself. He could have lied to Bev just to set her up for this PR battle.

Strange times...