What were your questions, Pat?

NC Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meek wants to know. And so do I. Tel Opinion Research is known for push polling which is asking questions that are designed to dish dirt on the opposition. They also are known for telling their candidate (the customer) what he wants to hear.

Let's see the science behind that absurd poll whose results you released yesterday, Mr. Man.

RALEIGH -- In response to the release of a recent poll produced by Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry, NCDP Chair Jerry Meek today called upon Rep. McHenry to release all of his poll results, including the text of the questions asked.

Earlier this week, McHenry cheerfully released a poll purporting to state that 80 percent of Republicans approve of his performance. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the poll was a "push poll," in which questions are purposely biased to produce an intended result. The chest-thumping exercise also said McHenry would easily win if pitted against previous rival Catawba County Sheriff David Huffman and fellow Republican District Attorney Jay Gaither.

“Is McHenry trying to scare off potential rivals before they even file to run?” Meek said. “Or is he trying to convince voters that his obstructionism and abysmal record on issues they care about doesn’t matter? Any claim by McHenry that this poll shows his strength is simply not credible unless McHenry is willing to release the full poll results, include the text of the questions asked."

"It should be clear to the people of the 10th district that Patrick McHenry is more concerned about himself than about the people of his district,” Meek said. “With new questions emerging about his character and about the people he surrounds himself with, McHenry may find himself returning to his phantom real estate business in January of 2009."


Rec this folks. Good stuff.

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