What we're up against

Comments closed. I've left this posted on BlueNC as a permanent display of breathtaking ignorance.


The Campaigner-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama launched his $1 billion re-election campaign yesterday. This is the first shot in what will be the most important battle in modern day politics and one that will determine the future of our great republic. Consider this: In just 2 years, Obama took over much of the American healthcare system, auto industry, banking industry, housing industry and student loan industry among others. His Administration’s pro-European style government added a whopping $3.6 TRILLION to the national debt. THIS WAS JUST TWO YEARS! Now just imagine what 8 years would bring.

His campaign is expected to break all records with a campaign fund eclipsing $1 billion. Much of this money will come from his comrades in Big Labor. That’s right, a bulk of his campaign cash will come from the very unions we are fighting right now in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and many other states.

We have been fighting to expose the radical Obama agenda from the beginning and have been leading the fight against the union protestors in these key states. Our ads and videos are reminding the American people that their tax dollars pay the salaries of these public union protestors that skip work to demand more benefits and higher pay even though they already receive more than the private sector.


What's this "we" shit?

For readers who might be inclined to argue with the diarist, don't bother. He/she is either affiliated with Americans For the Prosperous or some other Koch-funded group, and they've bought themselves quite enough exposure already without us allowing them free exposure here.

And just to make it clear, throwing "Hussein" in there is definitely intolerably obnoxious, and will make you a candidate for blockage tout de frickin' suite.

Interesting. Not.

I don't get an up close and personal view of teh bagger idiocy very often, and it is some scary shit all around.

I support unions, civil and otherwise. Apparently, this moron would rather live life under the thumb of corporate overlords.


For a minute there I thought perhaps I was having a flashback to April Fool's Day here on BlueNC. Definitely preaching to the wrong choir in this room. Scary people indeed.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

April fools

still applies, I think.