What we should be doing

In my recent post I wrote of what I perceived to be a struggle with in the democratic party over the past administrations. I was accused of not putting forth any new ideas. In this post I will put forth an idea that could change the course of this election. This grassroot idea is elegant in its simplicity thus very doable.

It is a Letter Writing Campaign

1. This is where a members log in to a website (which I am being trained on it now) and pull a list of up to twenty (20) names and addresses. Or makes a request for twenty names and they are emailed to them so that we have a gate keeper and we do not have to make a website.There could be a coordinator for each county or groups of counties. We need to target letters for targeted races. Letter writers would return when they were ready for more names, each member would be encouraged to write at least t 40 letters
I am training on a website that captures a person’s information (in order to do an in kind contribution) and checks it against board of elections and will approve them or give them to the coordinator/ administrator.

(NOTE:I am working on a program that would do just this very thing but target information would need to be supplied. I also know of some of the targets.I would be able to help with this end of things. But you get the idea. People would be encouraged to return to the site to acquire more names.)

2. The counties that are not organized could be grouped with a county that are. The problem would be getting the information out to folks in these areas.

3. We need to know who we sent letters to and look to see the percentage that actually votes. This should be tracked by votebuilder, you could tag the names of the people as canvassed.

4. Targeted groups (groups of people most affected by new legislation):
a. Teachers and parents of school age children,
b. Poor not able to get health care, basic assistance,
c. Persons that will have a harder time to vote, students, poor, elderly
d. Persons no longer able to take the earned income tax credit,
e.Elderly programs cut that provide assistance,
f. Women reproductive rights, equal pay
g. Persons of color
I can get you the information on which races should be targeted in the various counties.

This program could be done statewide for the greatest effect but could be done district wide.

If every group within the county was motivated to do this and each person wrote 20 to 40 letters in the next 150 days with 30 people in each of 10 that would be 30 x 40 x 10 = 12,000 x 75 = 900,000 letters.That is almost 1 million letters and with so many elections won by less than 1000 votes, this could change the face of the election and we could take the senate back and re-elect Kay Hagan in the process. This is a conservative estimate as well with the mailing cost amortized over the whole state.

I am approaching all groups with votebuilder access to do this and those that don’t can go to the state site. One group I am looking at more closely is the teachers. They are really mad and they are tired of being punched around. The system that is evolving pits teachers against each other where only cooperation will do. They have taken away any stability a teacher had and replaced it with insecurity. I think we could get them to write letters over the summer when they had more time. More to come.


This is a good strategy

I think that if all that is being presented here could get done, it is a good strategy.

I am still not real sure about it being "elegant in its simplicity".