What we don't know about Richard Burr could fill a warehouse


Ned Barnett hoists Burr on his do-nothing petard:

We’re also not being told about how Burr plans to balance Americans’ right to privacy and government monitoring. Or where he stands on torture tactics that the presidential candidate he supports wants to bring back. Or what he wants done about prescription drug costs, gun violence, student debt or stagnant wages.

After 22 years in Washington as a member of the House and Senate, Burr wants his last election to turn on the North Carolina sex registry. Meanwhile he supports a presidential candidate accused by more than a dozen women of groping and kissing them against their will.

Burr has coasted back to Washington so many times I've lost count, which doesn't say much for the discernment of North Carolina's voting public. Or it says a lot, and it's not good.



I find it hard to fathom

how both McCrory and Trump could be trailing behind their opponents by 5-6 percentage points in NC, but Burr is even with Deborah Ross.

I keep coming back to her involvement with the ACLU. Just like with labor unions, North Carolinians have been steeped in distrust over the ACLU for decades, even though neither makes any sense whatsoever. It might be time for another OpEd...