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Can you pitch in to help pro-equality, pro-environment, pro-health care young Democrats?

$50, $25, $15, or even $6 will go a long way as Thursday's early voting approaches.

It's time to endorse.

The Farm Team has been raising money for a little over a month in order to support young candidates. Out of our initial list of prospects, three out of four made it through their primaries. Gordon Smith scored a strong victory in Asheville, finishing second in the Asheville City Council primary. Since the top three finishers on November 3 will join the City Council, Gordon is in a great position to win in November.

Kady-Ann Davy finished second in her Fayetteville City Council District 2 primary, but kept the incumbent under 45% in a field of four.

Donald Hughes made it out of the Durham City Council Ward 1 primary by a healthy margin, but has a tough road ahead as he tries to make up the difference that separated him and the primary winner.

Andy Ball didn't have a primary, but he's been campaigning all over Boone. He's taking advantage of the Mountaineer tradition with some exciting events and canvasses.

Today, we're inviting prospects and other young Democratic candidates from across North Carolina to apply for our endorsement by e-mailing NCFarmTeam@gmail.com. Applicants must be under 40, must not be incumbents (for the position they're running for), and must be prepared to return an endorsement questionnaire. In addition, they have to be ready to explain how they plan to use early voting to their advantage.

Candidates will receive monetary help based on a number of factors, but these three (in order of importance) will be key:

1. The ability of the candidate to be an exceptional public servant who shares our values.
2. The candidate's chances in the November election.
3. How big of an impact our help can make.

Again, even if you aren't a farm team prospect, you are invited to e-mail us at NCFarmTeam@gmail.com to request an application. Requests for endorsement applications MUST be received by 5:00 PM EST, Wednesday, October 14.

Best of luck to all Democrats running in NC!

As always, if you’d like to help out, you can DONATE at this address.

Reach us at @NCFarmTeam on twitter, on our Facebook Fan Page, or by e-mail at NCFarmTeam@gmail.com.


Glad to see Kady-Ann doing

Glad to see Kady-Ann doing well and I'm pulling for Donald.

I do not know Andy but I've heard great things!

Young Candidates Looking for Endorsement

For any young Democratic candidates who are looking for an endorsement from the Grassroots Farm Team, please send for an endorsement form at NCFarmTeam@gmail.com within the next 48 hours! The deadline is fast approaching...

-Gabriel Seth Koch
Grassroots Farm Team FriendRaiser

Thanks for adding that

Requests must be received by 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday. I've added that to the original post.

You're a great help!

As Mr. Koch mentioned, he's one of the Farm Team's friendraisers. Every friendraiser who meets their fundraising goal will become a stakeholder in the Farm Team for this year, which entitles them to a vote on the endorsements.

If you're interested in helping, time is short and the need is critical. E-mail us at NCFarmTeam@gmail.com for more information.

Form Requested

You should have received my e-mail. I've requested the form on behalf of the Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor campaign in Chapel Hill. I think as the only democratic candidate in the race & I think the only candidate under 40, that he meets the basic requirements, but I think reaching out to young people is especially important in a college town like Chapel Hill & I hope an endorsement from you guys could really help out with that outreach. The Grassroots Farm Team effort seems like a really worthwhile one. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing!

Jake Gellar-Goad
Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor

Thanks, NC Farm Team!

I've just requested an endorsement form, and I hope to secure your support.

Yes - this campaign finished only 145 votes out of first place, surprising the political establishment and laying an excellent foundation for November's general election. We'll be working twice as hard over the next three weeks to try to bring this message of Affordability and Sustainability to Asheville City Council.

If you're in town and would like to canvass or phone bank, please click here and let me know! We're also offering a 'phone bank from home' option for those of you who can't make it to our fun gatherings.

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