What a difference a year makes

A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to interview my friend and neighbor Congressman David Price. I was especially curious about the trials and tribulations of serving in the minority in the US House of Representatives. Needless to say, he wasn't all that thrilled about being under the thumb of Republican arrogance and corruption.

What a difference a year makes.

As a respected member of the majority party in Congress, David Price has shown us in a few short months what's at stake with each and every seat in North Carolina. Even though Washington County is far outside his district, he and his staff trained their sights squarely on the Navy's OLF, joining Congressman G.K. Butterfield, in putting a hard stop to that insane plan. This was possible only because the Democrats hold a majority in the House of Representatives.

I say again:

This was possible only because the Democrats hold a majority in the House of Representatives.

So the next time you're talking to a god-fearing North Carolinian who's all gushy about the family values bullshit spouted by people like Elizabeth Dole and Pat McHenry, remind him that those family-value Republicans would have sold North Carolina family farmers down the river in the wink of an eye. In fact, that's exactly what Liddy Dole did, just so she could keep her place in the ass-kissing line circling around George W. Bush.

Remind that god-fearing North Carolinian that the ONLY reason there won't be hundreds of aircraft landing in Washington County for the next 30 years is because Democrats control Congress.

North Carolina owes David Price an enormous debt of gratitude.


And look at the time

here it is 10:34 pm and BlueNC is buring up! What a difference a year makes, for sure!

David Price is a great Representative, what a neat neighbor to have A.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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And next time you're talking to a BlueNCer who won't support...

And next time you're talking to a lefty who won't support a Democrat because he isn't left or immoderate enough for them, remind them that David Price couldn't be doing all the good he's doing if we didn't have Heath Schuler or whoever it is that they disapprove of.

Party matters. Period.

-- ge

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

That's a good point, Zabouti

But I don't know of anyone around here who doesn't understand that a D after the name is what matters most. We don't march in lock step - and we don't mind calling a spade a spade, but when it comes down to crunch time, I think 99% of us share your view.

Now whether I'll bust my ass to help a less-than-progressive Dem is a different question. We each have only so much time and money to provide support, and it only makes sense to focus it on candidates we're inspired by.


Title Left Blank

I started to echo the above comments about voting D - so much so my original title was DDD, but I thought some might think I meant something different. Lordy knows I do not want to go through the retrial of Bill Clinton again.


Seriously, the other point about voting Democrat is not so much as liberal vs moderate politics, but it is now the only party of reason.

Talking Point: The Democratic Party is now the only party of reason in America. Forget the liberal/moderate labels, they mean less and less everyday.

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Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

I was under the impression

that Price shut down the OLF once before when the judge told the Navy to redo the studies. At that time he was in the minority and he was able to get that accomplished.

Just think what he can accomplish now that he is in the majority. Mr. Price IS a force for the people of North Carolina. Glad the folks elected him.

If you get a chance to chat with Rep. Price please thank him for me as well as the folks of the entire NE NC for working so hard at keeping this OLF away. Also for keeping the Navy in check.


I will do that.

Congressman Price is a modest guy who doesn't much enjoy the limelight. But I will make sure he know that you appreciate what he's doing.

If we had a Congress full of people like David Price we would have one truly awesome government.