What Charles Taylor Tried to Say In Graham County Today!!

July 22, 2006 (9:20pm)

Well, Well, Well, Charles Taylor of all people decided he would grant the Good folks of Graham County an audience with him today at the County Courthouse. Impressive and Thoughtful on his part, I guess. Of course I would really have gotten more out of, and probably would have paid good money to have seen a good Elvis Impersonator! And had a much better time to boot.

While the good Mr.Taylor may have impressed and flattered some there, I gotta be honest about it. The man totally astounded me! I actually got to go see something very few folks get to see. Several really great folks, Democrat Canadates and loyal Shuler supporters’ along with my Wife and me really got to see a show. I actually thought it impossible to do, but I have to admit it is totally Astounding when you can see a grown man walk into a courtroom, Does not make any eye contact with anyone, stare straight down at the floor and speak for two hours while still looking at the floor and not make any sense at all.

You know, You can learn a lot from what people do & how they act. Taylor was so far out in space even Capt. Kirk could not have brought him back to reality! First he has three big easel pads set up for reference and never once referred to them! Then he put on a all out effort to truly try and dazzle the crowd of around 44 people of which Democrats appeared to outnumber the Republicans. He started his Town Hall Meeting by talking about some theory on education and acted as if we should know what he was speaking about! Then onward to NAFTA, then Taylor got off on the topic of ballistic missiles and then back to broadband computer systems to digital patient records for Doctors and univerestys being able to reach out 150 miles in a radius with these broadband systems with exception of UNC-Chapel Hill, according to Taylor UNC can reach out to a student 850 miles away, Then he attacked CREW. At this point, I did confirm it was a Republican that said, What in the world is he talking about?

He did stress the point a couple of times that Judy Edwards from the Murphy Office and Deborah Potter from Asheville and some other guy were all there to assist anyone with a case or claim with the government, However, it did not look as there were any takers. Mr. Taylor had briefly mentioned advances in veterans’ benefits and care. Then a local Veteran Allan Garver asked him about the dental care and other benefits from VA. Here is where Taylor really shows how much he does know, Absolutely Nothing! So while he is busy doing the back stroke I had to add my observations on the subject. After I explained I was the Vet service Officer for here the tune changed, When I asked him why they pulled our $1.6 million of benefit money they had re-budgeted to pay for credit checks due to the stolen VA Data,
Taylor decides to take a seat sightly red faced and comes out with $3.5 trillion, No, that isn’t it, Ah, $3.5 billion, whatever and played dumb. Veterans of the 11th district, I tell you now, Charles Taylor isn’t playing dumb nor with a full deck, He just plain doesn’t know anything about veterans or veterans’ benefits period! This goes to prove what I have been saying all along and when asked where I got the information I referred him to the VA Inspector Generals report released last Monday so that tell’s us how closely he follows us! My advice to Veterans of both parties is simple! Wake Up and open your eyes! You don’t have to smell too hard to smell a dead skunk here and to see the deck is getting stacked against us. He seems to love to mention the Asheville VA but he completely misses the point when it comes to the fact that the Hospital is understaffed and those that work there are underpaid. Nor the fact that a February 2006 Inspector Generals report found the hospital completely out of compliance with several issues cited in a report one year earlier.

He did touch on the Logging and National Forest issue lightly by explaining that the wooden desk he was sitting on was probably cut in Graham County. Another local resident brought up the issue of the timber being brought onto log yards now was “Old Growth” Timber! Well knock me down but isn’t 98% of all timber cut these days old growth? Longtime Local educator Ann Edwards-D, asked if he was spending as has been reported more than a million dollars on Russian students in an effort to truly educate them or was he doing it so they could work in one of his banks. Oh, no, they are being shown the difference between the lifestyle and freedoms of America and the Russian way of life. I thought he was going to start discussing the commies and angry hordes of Cossacks! He did touch lightly on the corruption within the Halls of Congress indicating that there had been arrest and would be more. Kind of a bouncing ball effect between parties! However I did find it quite strange, but he did not mention his buddy Jack Abramoff or himself!

Then County Commissioner Randy Jordan -D, Thanked him for coming and got locked & loaded and
sighted him in and pressured him on the issue of the North Shore Road to the old grave sites within the National Park Boundary Taylor was to again find himself somewhat red faced again and well within “No Mans Land” and to me he appeared to really be confused. For example, instead of calling it by its proper name, The North Shore Road, Taylor just kept right on referring to it as the “OFFSHORE ROAD.” Now, Mr. Taylor, I admit the years are probably starting to take their toll on you but, could you secretly be making a deal for offshore drilling somewhere? Taylor informed us, the concerned voters of Graham County that his stance was to continue from the existing road with a parkway type of road complete with a Heritage Center of some sort and would not agree too just a monetary settlement to Swain & Graham County folks. Commissioner Dirk Cody-D was in attendance also, but I did not see Commissioner Edwards-R.
Taylor did make some strange statements, for example he was NOT Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, but was Chairman of a Sub-Committee on Appropriations and would not want the job of Chairman over the main Appropriations Committee. He did mention that the Chairmans job would most likely go to a Democrat if not reelected. Most likely one from California or New York.

Yvette Hooper, Democratic Canidate for Register of Deeds and probably the most qualified canadate for the position in many years asked Taylor about his position on Heath Shuler as to if he mostly just disliked him and just how he stood. Now folks, Here is where the strangest of all strange twists come in. After, Taylor paying for and endorsing the negative radio ad about Heath Shuler which has aired several times in the past few weeks here is what he thinks and I quote him. “I have nothing against Heath Shuler. I have never met the man.” This is where I really wanted to say, Now wait just a moment Mr. Taylor, You are the same Charles Taylor who is endorsing that radio ad aren’t you? Then he tries to bounce back with something to the tune of, Well, It is a simple issue, He has no experience, I have 16 years. Then Mrs. Ann Edwards-D rebounded with, “Well at one time you didn’t have any experience either did you? This is where Taylor turned all red faced again and came up with some other off the wall statement and closed down the meeting. It did seem quite strange Republicans just were not asking any questions of him or offering any comments on his statements, It was County Democrats who were asking the questions except for one person who appeared to be Republican and to be quite upset toward the Congressman as he kept asking him questions on Taylor’s appointment’s as Chairman of committees’ but Taylor would not give him a straight answer’s.

Folk’s I have to tell you, This was one of the hardest reports I have ever had to do here at BlueNC. And that is because it is hard to cover & report this story because quite frankly Charles Taylor avoids the most simple, direct, questions anyone could possibly ask a person and then winds up jumping around for answers more than a jackrabbit jumps! I will be honest and tell all of you, I would hate to be a fledgling Cub Reporter for a newspaper trying to cover Mr. Taylor. And I think that as quick as this man can skip around to avoid giving answers I would be well justified in spending the money for one of those hand-held tape recorders. But now Mr. Taylor doesn’t need to worry one little bit if he needs to remember what he said, After all he was on the camera and the whole meeting was put on video tape. Taylor even offered to buy a copy. To my fellow county Democrats, Loyal Shuler Supporters, that attended this meeting, “Thank You.”
To the Shuler Staff in Asheville & Waynesville We work with day in & day Out, Thank You also for all your hard work you do! Mabie Taylor got the message. We are tired of everything that has been going on in Congress and we don’t wont, but rather, We Demand a Change! Like my wife tells me, You, gotta take the trash out from time to time.


Thanks Dan

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Thanks for this, Dan. If he's so charming at all of his public appearances, why he'll simply give the seat to Shuler.


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“Well at one time you didn’t have any experience either did you?" - Pure Gold

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Thanks for advocating for vets and for Heath. Sitting through two hours of stroke-addled Charlie's ramblings is torture, and you're an impressive man to do it.

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if there is video of this event, please share!

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