What "business friendly" really looks like

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In the post showing Hamp Dellinger's excellent video about what really matters in North Carolina, Robert P., put up a comment with a summary of the many areas for which rankings exist in our state.

Just in case you haven't seen it . . .

Category Ranking
Business Climate Ranking (Site Selection)1
The Best States For Business (Forbes) 3
Best Places for Business and Careers (Forbes) 1
Total Tobacco 1
Flue-Cured Tobacco 1
Pig Crop 1
Sweetpotatoes 1
Hogs & Pigs 2
Christmas Trees Cash Receipts 2
Cucumbers for Pickles 2
Turkeys Raised2
Net Farm Income 3
Trout Sold 3
Poultry & Egg Products Cash Receipts 3
State Cigarette Tax Rank44

Category Ranking
Per Capita Personal Income 38
Per Capita Disposable Income 38
Median Houseld Money Income 40
United Health Rankings 36
Uninsured Women of Childbearing Age 32
Uninsured Children 40
Infant Mortality 38
Number Served By National School Lunch Program 41
Pct of Pop 25 & Over, High Sch Grad or More 47
Dropout Rate for Grades 9-12 39
Prisoners Executed 5


We've got to do better at doing better.

There are a number of metrics on which North Carolina has made great strides over the years that should also be highlighted. While we've had nationally-heralded success in many policy areas (pre-K programs, for example) we must elect leaders dedicated to sustaining that progress.

I was very pleased with Hampton's video. He's a great candidate for continuing the progress made by Governors Hunt and Easley on education while breaking new ground with innovative green and healthcare-oriented agendas. The continuing economic success is great for North Carolina, but it brings with it a need for greater emphasis on balancing business with our natural resources and quality of life.

Well said.

Our recent governors got one thing right: early childhood programs make a huge difference. Now if we could have equal attention given to the environment and healthcare, we'd be really doing something.

You make a good point, as did the commenter above.

To be perfectly frank, the results seem more in line with a Republican administration. #1 in business, worry about babies and kids, screw everyone else.

Then again, we pretty much kill off our unborn children at a higher rate than most other states, which I was going to say goes against the Republican "values", but actually I'm not so sure.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.