What a brain trust in the Queen City this weekend

On the way in to work this morning I heard the following uttered with no comment or even a hint of irony:

"...and headlining the conference, that expects to host more than 70,000 people in Charlotte, is Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Chuck Norris and Charlie Daniels..."

All I could think of is, "wow, what a brain trust that is. Kind of reminds me of the blue collar comedy tour only not nearly as smart."


Maybe they'll hang

on the South Carolina side. I'm not sure our atmosphere can handle all the hot air.

At least Norris and Daniels

At least Norris and Daniels have real talent. Palin and Beck, not so much.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I'm assuming you're talking about

Chuck Norris's talent for ass-kicking, as opposed to his talent for acting. 'Cause you know, he doesn't really have any of that second thing...

I hope my mom doesn't read this. She loves Walker, Texas Ranger, and would probably give me five good reasons not to talk trash about her hero. ;)

Refreshing Speakers in Charlotte

Finally some signs of intelligence in Charlotte. Great Weekend with some of America's best and brightest. Palin & Beck represent most Americans Norris will Kick butt and take names and Charlie Daniels is a real American who sings about common sense American Ideals.

Best Quote I heard recently: "No matter what room Barack Obama enters he is the least qualified person there."

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