What about Vermin's sexual links to Congressman Foley?

I have always wondered what exactly it is that makes some conservative pols focus so much of their energy on getting elected to issues about sex and the sexuality of their opponents, when it seems like they eventually shoot themselves in the foot when their own closet doors open up a bit.

Take for example former Congressman Foley from Florida. Here is a guy who focused on writing laws to punish internet pedophiles, and yet he was brought down because he was chatting innappropriately with some young male pages. I do not mean to "gay bash" anyone, but doesn't it seem funny that Foley got brought down by exactly the same thing he fought so hard against?

Which brings me to Vermin Robinson. Here is a guy who pulls a story out of his ass - about Brad Miller being gay because he and his wife don't have children. You all know why Brad and his wife don't have children, and frankly I am quite mad at Vernon for raising this issue. Sort of forcing Brad to explain exactly why he and his wife don't have any children. Frankly, unless someone's health issues have a direct impact on how they do their job, it's nobody's business. And the health issues which made Brad and his wife not have any children are no one's business - certainly not Vermin's business.

Now Vermin has a commercial where he talks about Brad Miller not wanting to pay for body armor for our soldiers because Brad Miller wants to pay for sex, or words to that effect. Which is another total crock, but perhaps it reveals more about Vermin than he'd like to admit.....

In light of the Foley incident, one wonders if Vermin is so focused on homosexuality and paying for sex because perhaps Vermin has some skeletons in his closet he would rather not have us know anything about? Hmmm...what could they be?

Well, if I had a vivid immagination, I could look at Vermin's web site and venture a guess....you see that pic of Vermin in his Air Force academy uniform? The one with the tight gray blouse and the tight white trousers? Now you know why Jeff Gannon was a "hot military stud" - never in the armed forces, but forever dreaming about it.

And then Vermin brags about how he worked with missles in the Air Force. Let's see - he goes down into a hole to be locked up with other men for days and weeks at a time, no contact with anyone from the outside world, ready to press a button to unleash nuclear missles on an enemy no questions asked. Not trying to offend anyone in the Air Force who also worked in Missle Command, but you sure can read some homoerotic meaning into Vermin's service, in light of his fixation with the sexuality of his opponents - who used to the be the Russian "bear". And it does make me wonder why Vermin - who looked like he was a little thinner in his youth - is now a little "heavier" and "bearish" himself?

Perhaps it was men like Vermin that Jeff Gannon dreamed about? Maybe Vermin isn't gay himself, but maybe he thinks that gay men are attracted to him? Which might explain why Vermin sees imagined homosexuality in people he needs to defeat?

Perhaps that is why Vermin fights so hard to get elected and raises so many issues about the real or immagined sexuality of his opponents - is it because Vermin Robinson has some demons waiting to come out of his closet?


His latest ad was simply too awful for words

All of Vermin's ads are awful, but at least the early ones made a few people laugh. He was a joke. I don't think anyone is laughing now. I heard even Fox news slammed him for this latest one.

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