Whalen to Miller: Put on your big-boy pants

I haven't been much of a fan of the NC Democratic Party over the past year, but Andrew Whalen is an occasional bright spot because of his fresh way with words.

“Jeff Miller is not running for student class vice president,” Whalen said. “He is running for Congress. He needs to put on his big-boy pants.”

And if you're wondering why we banned Whalen from BlueNC, we didn't. He and the rest of the NCDP staffers are in self-imposed exile. The Party doesn't care to engage with progressives except when they're asking for money.


The Wake Push Poll


Perhaps Mr. Edmonds, Ms. Brannon should also put on their big-boy pants?

Push polling is an unfortunate fact of modern politics. I do find it ironic that the top two topics are currently one complaining about Republicans push polling and then one chastising a Republican for complaining about push polling.

LOL! Is it irony or hypocrisy? Whatever it is, it definitely goes both ways.

I don't like them

no matter which side uses them, but you're (sort of) comparing apples and oranges here. A county commission
district is tiny compared to a U.S. Congressional district, and those (county) races rarely amount to more than a few thousand bucks spent.