Well,Well,Well! Hello Gang! Im not AWOL anymore!

Hello Gang! Well I have returned safe & sound from my AWOLness! To my friends here that know me, I apologize for being gone so long without even a Howdy! For any new Members to the No.1 blog on earth, Welcome & Howdy! Of course I have had good reason.

I got down in the back overdoing things and that isn’t good when the old spine is all fused in the first place. I was trying to help the contractors doing the re modeling and was up under the house stripping out insulation before they did the new sub-floor when something like a very hot knife went into about 2 places on me, one in the neck fusion site, the other in the low back. After about 30 minutes screaming help finally showed up so I didn’t get outta my recliner for 4 days and took shots & stayed hooked to a TENS unit! OUCH!!!

We still have a ton of work to do like wrapping the pipes in the new section of the water system. You know, I bet if I talked just right I could get Lance & Anglico up here to help me out!

Now, I have been busy even though I have been down. I have my duties I do for the Shuler Campaign. I have been trying to get a website up for the County Party, I got us our own e-mail. Then Jonathan , State Senator John Snows Campaign Mgr . contacts me. I am no longer doing pr & Vets Specialist for them. As of 2 days ago I took on the new job of being the Snow for Senate Campaign ,Executive Director for Graham County which included 2 small areas of Swain Co. too.

So ,I been busting butt putting out signs, e-mailing, phone calling and just now am getting it all pulled together so I can manage it. Plus I am taking a correspondence course from the Army in Journalism. And Now I gotta appoint someone to be over the committee. We are kickin off with the first of several visit’s by him this Friday ending up at Dem HQ from 5-7 with a Hot Dog Supper. Then Heath Shuler will be here on the 19th of October for a fundraiser. So ,I haven’t been ignoring all of you fine outstanding Brother’s & Sister’s ,I just been busy as a cat on a hot tin roof! Plus I did find the time to write 2 articles for the paper.

I promise, really promise, so I can keep Leslie & S Dem from coming out west and hitting me on the head with 9 irons that I will make my presence known here more often. I have just been overwhelmed. I didn’t know they was so much too all of this!!!!!!
Till Later! Love, Peace & All my Best to all of ya!


So glad you're feeling better Dan

You work on those campaigns. Snow and Shuler need you and you can get back to blogging when you have a chance. I know they appreciate all that you are doing.

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