Welcome Ross Overby for Congress NC-09 - Live-Blog

Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. Ross Overby, a candidate for congress in the 9th Congressional District, will be visiting with us to answer your questions. From his web site:

Ross is a man who has lived a real life. He is not part of any political machine. He earns a paycheck, saves as much as he can to build security for his family, and invests in his family's future.


Ross will bring a pragmatic vision to Congress. Ross was Vice President at a 16,000 employee engineering company. He knows that you can’t build a strong company if you saddle it with debt and if you don’t invest in your employees.

Ross is running in the primary against Harry Taylor. He is a good match for Sue Myrick. Unlike Sue, who only pretended to be an executive at an advertising firm that had only one client (Sue Myrick), Ross has real experience as an executive at a large company with 16,000 employees and many clients.

Please leave your questions if you can't be around tomorrow evening.

Thank you, Ross for agreeing to visit with us. We look forward to Saturday.


Emplyee Free Choice Act


The Employee Free Choice Act is an easy one for me. The most collectively bargained groups in the county can be found in the executive suites and their Boards of Directors. These guys collectively bargain among each other to rake in tens if not hundreds of millions each year regardless of how well the company does and regardless of how many jobs are created or lost by their acts. These guys collectively bargain the most golden of golden parachutes while fighting the most rudimentary efforts of workers to organize for their interests. These are the collective bargainers that Sue Myrick defends.

I believe that workers have every right to organize and I defend that right. Workers need to put in a hard and productive days work and in return should expect a livable wage, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a management philosophy that thinks of the employee as much as the next income statement. When our business community builds its work force as much as it builds executive perks our economy and our country will prosper. I believe that these goals should be behind the Employee Free Choice Act, an Act that I support.


Help get out the vote May 6th and Go with the “O” vote Ross Overby!

Welcome, Ross.

A little stormy both inside and out, so special thanks for spending time with us. Any update on the crazy weather from your neck of the woods?


Sue Myrick voted for multiple Budgets that increased the federal debt. According to John Spratt (D-SC), the federal debt on 15 March 2008 is $9,409,091,364,415.60, $30,988.47 of which is shared by each resident of the ninth Congressional district.

Sue Myrick has voted against the Democrats' PAYGO rule. Do you support PAYGO? And what are your proposals to decrease the federal debt? How will you institute fiscal responsibility in the US House?

Debt is killing our Country

Charlotte Observer,

You have asked a very important question that demands more than a quick bite of an answer.

PAYGO is pure common sense. Nobody that has any sense of a future incurs debt when there is no return to pay for that debt. We pay as we go. If we want Program “A” we obviously must cut somewhere else like Program “B”. PAYGO demands that we assess the value of our spending. The only exception is investment where we get more out than we put in. When we invest in our people through education, job training, and research and development we are building a future that pays dividends to everyone. If our spending does not invest in people we Pay as we Go.

Regarding our near 10 trillion dollar debt. We are headed for disaster that our children, my children, will pay for. In ten years our debt will be joined by enormous social security and Medicare costs. If we don’t start to fix the problem now there may be no fix other than default. My ideas to decrease the debt and to build fiscal responsibility are:

1) Eliminate the income caps on social security and Medicare contributions.
2) Eliminate ear marks.
3) Implement what I call the “Purity in Legislation Act” where a Bill can only address relevant aspects of the legislation. No burying a bridge in a child welfare Bill.
4) Roll back capital gains and dividends tax rates to the year 2000 rates on incomes above $250,000 per year. Off set the tax adjustment by offering tax incentives for starting new businesses and for investing in research and development.


Help get out the vote May 6th and Go with the “O” vote for Ross Overby!

What do you think of the

Blue Dogs in Congress?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Am I a Blue Dog??


Though it is easy to label Sue Myrick a hard core, special interest panderer, I have never been one for labels. Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal all conger up immediate images that rarely are true. I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe in building bridges between differing opinions to get something done. I believe in the power of personal responsibility, being pragmatic, and the power of a government of the people that gets behind each of us and makes our lives more than what we would be alone.

I am a man of my own ideas predicated on what I believe is right and best for my county, my community and my family. I suspect that I will find more friends and common thinking among the Blue Dogs than among Party stalwarts. However, this does not mean that I won’t see eye to eye at times with ideas that come from all walks of life. You will find me among ideas that I truly believe are best for our county, our community and our families.


Help get out the vote May 6th and Go with the “O” vote for Ross Overby!

Tornado warnings all over the place

Hopefully, they'll be over before the live-blog, but in case power is out I have a few questions to leave. The first has to do with immigration policy.

Ross, I've heard Democrats express views on immigration and undocumented workers that are across the board. I know that Union County has a huge population of Latinos who are here illegally and it is a very hot topic where I live in the 9th. How does your position on illegal immigration/undocumented workers differ from Sue Myrick's?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I've got the Power!


Considering Sue Myrick’s position on immigration there seems to be no punishment great enough for undocumented immigrants. Even deportation does not seem to be enough. I believe in a comprehensive program that secures our borders by eliminate the draw, open jobs that go unfilled but not for the immigrant.

We need an America works program that invests in education and training for displaced workers. These people can fill some of the jobs. But even then many jobs will go unfilled. We need to issue visas in a controlled manner that fills the job demands. If we give companies the workers they need at livable wages the draw to come here illegally evaporates. Our border security can then look for those trying to enter the country to do harm.

Regarding all the undocumented workers here now, thanks for the mess Sue Myrick. We need to do a background check on all of them, deport undesirable people, and issue a fine commensurate of the law broken, and then go forward without malice.


Help get out the vote May 6th and Go with the “O” vote for Ross Overby!

Go forward without malice

A laudable commitment.

If you had been in the House over the past two years, would you have argued and voted for impeachment of President Bush?

If not, do you believe he has broken any laws?

Impeach Bush?


Our Congress has been too quick on the impeachment draw. Clinton got it as has Bush. I would have focused on my ideas and raised them at every turn. Ideas are mightier than politics. Sue Myrick has no ideas so she lives for politics.


I am not sure I caught the answer here

I don't understand what you mean when you say "Congress has been too quick on the impeachment draw." Can you restate?

I also missed your meaning when you said, "Clinton has got it as has Bush" in this context. Which Clinton has got what with respect to the question of impeachment?

I understand about focusing on ideas, but I don't get a clear read here on your answer to whether you think impeachment is warranted or advisable (different questions).

I do realize you're trying to answer a lot of questions, but I don't understand this one.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

I got too wordy


Sorry for the use of generalities. Overall I think Bush has gone to the edge of the Constitution many times and over the line at times. Impeachment is a very critical thing. The process is long and distracting to the country. I would have been a voice for what we need to do. I would have been a voice for the future and the ideals of our country. I would have worked to have the people and others in Congress believe in what is right and overturn the Bush Administration's view of power over principal.



I know people have strong opinions on the subject. I've had an Impeach Bush bumpersticker on my truck for years. It's pretty cut and dried to me.

Well good luck with that

I want a Congress that holds the Chief Executive accountable. That's impossible when the Chief Executive lies and then withholds the evidence about the egregiousness of those lies. To use a business metaphor, of Congress is the board, this CEO should have been fired years ago.

This isn't politics. This is fundamental to responsible government and the rule of law.

But I was hoping Ross Overby would answer

I hear ya, James, but I was hoping Mr. Overby would clarify his earlier response.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Dagnabbit . . .

He gave me the slip!!!

He done runt off!

It is a tough question. I would have said, "Well, I'm so glad you asked. As a matter of fact I think this question is very important and deserves a full, clear response. That is why I . . . OH WAIT . . LOOK, A TREE is FALLING on my HOUSE and I'm certain to lose POWER any minute!!!!!!"

I was just going to say

[and then I'd simulate a terrible booming effect and log off quickly]

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke


I needed that laugh.

Hi Brunette, I can get lost

Hi Brunette,

I can get lost in generalities at times. Here is what I sent to James, it may have gotten lost in the thread. Overall I think Bush has gone to the edge of the Constitution many times and over the line at times. Impeachment is a very critical thing. The process is long and distracting to the country. I would have been a voice for what we need to do. I would have been a voice for the future and the ideals of our country. I would have worked to have the people and others in Congress believe in what is right and overturn the Bush Administration's view of power over principal


Amending here . . .

I tried to edit my "dagnabbit" comment because Overby's finally did appear, and he did offer a better answer, but I got ZAPPED and the thing reappeared as originally posted.

I will say, though, that I appreciate the difficulty of the question, and . . . and I do hate to say this . . . I agree that it would probably not be in the best interests of the country. I would PERSONALLY be maliciously pleased, would be horribly obnoxious about it to my GOP friends, would gloat in an unseemly fashion, but it was wrong, wrong, wrong for the House GOP to do it to Clinton and it would be wrong now. Not AS wrong, mind you, but still, the process is horribly divisive and we really and truly need to come together as a country after eight years of the Bush Horror Show.

In terms of what Bush has done to the Constitution, I have no doubt that he could be legitimately impeached. That's not going to happen. But my god, if there is such a thing as karma, that man is doomed.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

well amended!

Hi Brunette,

Can you be my position editor? You said it better than I could have. My focus is on what is best even is we have to accept two more years of pain and wrong. We can survive if we voice what is right and Sue Myrick was not that person - I would have been.


Yup, yup, I could

But you'd have to promise not to mind when I correct your spelling. (Cahoots, principle)

(It's been killing me all day not to point out that the word "judgment" only has one "e," so this just had to come bursting out of me.)

Bush's legacy is disgrace -- more definitively than Clinton's -- for the simple reason that people remember what Clinton's impeachment was really about and why. People will also remember what Bush has done, and why, and the harm to our confidence in a commander in chief's sense of responsibility to the Constitution and for the life-blood of the soldiers who follow his orders has been devastating.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Betsy's power is out

It's possible Overby's power is out too. Some weather we're having today.

Last Betsy spoke with him (around like 6pm I think) Ross Overby was good to go, so let's assume we're on. Get your questions in while the getting is good.

- - - - -
McCain - The Third Bush Term

Scary times.

Hope everyone is okay.


You may have read about proposals being developed to restrict the ability of private contractors to train with or use military weapons in North Carolina. What are your thoughts on that issue?

Our Military is the best

James, I believe that our Military is the best and should be the force with the training and the weapons. I don't believe we send defense to the private sector.


Well said.

Now, take this question to Myrick. She's voted again and again for obscene amounts of outsourcing to armed contractors ... spending which hurts our military every single day. Hold her feet to that fire.

Does Sue Myrick stand behind Blackwater USA or does she stand behind our men and women in uniform? We need to end our reliance on mercenary forces.

Our military first

I could not have said it better James

Shuler and FISA

Heath Shuler voted with the Republican minority to give immunity to telcos as part of FISA. What would you have said to him before the vote, if anything, to influence his choice?

Immunity to telecoms

I am unsure about the whole immunity thing. When our government demands data even if illegally, do we hold a company to the fire? If companies were offering information that is one thing, but what about a powerful departments asking for data? Who is to blame? We need to get the Constitution back into the acts of our government agencies.


Just because the government breaks the law

doesn't mean private companies should go along. They all have hundreds of lawyers. They knew what they were doing. I don't think I'm willing to buy the "just following orders" excuse.

I'm not arguing with you (I'm toning down my argumentativeness :)) just thinking out loud.

A tough issue


It is a tough issue. I believe companies and us all must fight back, I am just not sure how hard the government pressured them and how much they were in cohoots. If they were in cohoots the hammer should fall. If they did not have the courage to say no to pressure we should blame the one giving the orders - that means Sue Myrick and others like her.


My inspiration to run

About 10 years ago I reflected that my strength is building bridges between differing opinions. Nowhere are there more differing opinions than in my career, fixing environmental problems. I wanted to use that skill in Washington.

But I needed to know in my heart what I would do if got the job in Washington so I started writing down what I would do. That pen to paper effort became a published book called "Who Will Speak for the American Ideal?" I am a guy that can handle himself in the shark tank of Washington and I know what I will do when I get there. My writing inspired me that it is my time to serve.



A whetstone for sharpening ideas

I reside in your district

Do you support PAYGO? How else do you propose we decrease the federal debt?

you already

answered the question. thank you. may i have a yard sign?

Yard signs,

Everybody get a yard sign! Send me your contact info via my web site overby4congress.com. We have a credible and electable candidate in me! Let's take back our District for the people.



Charlotte Observer,

Absolutely. Check the thread above, I posted details of PAYGO.


If the Charlotte Observer

were to write a story about your visit here tonight, what would you want the headline to be?

Ross Overby goes high tech

Why Is Ross Overby Communing with liberals?

Myrick meets her match


a new headline


How about "Overby loves his country and doing what is right more than any other interest"


a better headline

Nope, never worked for newspaper. But having reread the thread I really like "Myrick has met her Match". Lets get it in print.


Do you support Hillary Clinton's

American Health Choices Plan? Or do you support a proposal that fails to provide universal coverage?

health care

Charlotte Observer,

Universal access to affordable and quality health care is a must. We need to cut waste and lower costs. There are many paths. I like what I call the "partnership principal" where government, business, and the people all play a role. America has been at it's best as partners. When one part take all the load we fail. Sue Myrick sees the whole load on the people. I believe the solution lies in us all. I will work for a solution to health care via a partnership. The outcome must include access to all and lowering the cost by modernizing and cutting waste.


net neutrality


I studied netnetrality a while back. I racall it is the need to keep the entire internet accessible to all. I stand behind this 100%.


Are you committed to

the principles of Smart Growth? What urban planning solutions do you propose for the ninth Congressional district? How can the federal government intervene?